then,The lanterns in his hands,Throw it in the grass behind him。

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Among the perspective of God,That grass,Take the figure of a hand holding a giant ax。
next moment,Olaf sat on this lantern like a cable car。
His figure,Also follow this lantern,Flying toward the position of the battlefield center。
Give him out of the lantern,The figure that he received him。At this time,Have a further action。
This kind of ambush battle,It is a rapid opening group.,Do not give each other too much response time。
Keep this hammer,After thrown out of your lanternship,It is the direction directly towards the direction of Casa.。
Next moment,The figure has jumped forward.400Hammerite,Decisively, the cold iron chain in his hand。
HammerE,Be indiscriminate。
Before he handed over the flash,Casa is because of a knife,Arrived at a wall position。
Under this position,It’s hard to have too many space spaces.。
Never talk more,This hammer flashE,Is this decisive。
next moment,Almost all the people’s hearts are exclaimed。
They are seen,That is full of decisiveness to the extreme flashE,Within the skill range,There is no figure from the void.。
Viewer’s sight speed movement,Start looking for the figure that is hammered。
And at this time,Positive gesture in a pitch forward,TowardTOPThe direction of the people。
Casa,Flashing in hammer stoneEunder,It is actually using his incredible reaction.,Made a full reverse thinking。
thereby,Suddenly felt this happinessE。
To know,Hammer flashESaying is instant,But it is actually almost。
When it is included in this approach to instant skills,Light against temporary walking,It is absolutely no way to go out of skill.。
Casa,Still done this。
Sole,There is only one explanation.。
It is the moment of Casa thrown out of the lantern of the hammer.,I have reacted it directly.。
then,Go backwards,Successful regulations evade the hammer of this flashE。
This reaction speed,It seems in the perspective of the audience.,It’s just like a personal。
More like a machine,A script。
But the time in the field,Can not be due to the wonderful walk of Casa,It’s so straight to stop。
next moment,EmptyEThe hammer of the skill is once again。
Even if he is inherently shocking,But he still kept himself as a professional essentials。
Hammer has issued his ownRSkill,Causa in it。
And this time Olaf,I also finally arrived at my own journey.。
The giant ax in the hand was held by him.,Subsequently with broken winds,The giant ax came toward the position of the Casa.。
And at this time skateboard,Also already in one levelAAfter the hand,Summon a more huge black spear。
then,Throw in the direction of Casa。
Gario,It is open your ownWSkill。
Obvious,He wants to be under these siege,Rescue oneselfADC。
Instant,Casham has a center of this battlefield,Also becomeTOPThree people。
The sharp black spear seems to put the air also thorn,The cold chain sounds in the half space,Savage giant ax wraps the wind。