Outside the outside,Have the leader of sufficient identity and background,Pushing him Billy is an ants must be simple.。

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Focal results are often unexpected。
Lan Xin nodded,Lighter, she is still clear.。
“Ah Cheng,Waiting for you to convince them three little guys,I will buy something you need tomorrow, let them take away。”
“it is good!”Lu Hao nodded。Mu Qing smiled:“Blue,No need to prepare anything,Your father also knows the grievance of the year.,He has already started to prepare it on that day that Li Yun came back.,Everything is ready over there.,Villa area is also very close to the school,
Arranged bodyguards around,Your father passed over there,I will also invest in business over there.。
The business here is handed over to you.,Your abilities we have always seen in the eyes,You won’t let us be disappointed。”
“Specific matters,Your father is back,Will talk to you。”
Mu Qing reluctantly looked at her,This world,She has a woman,But only the most distressed this little girl。
“Mother,I have lived with you, let you enjoy the Qingfu,The result is still dragging you,Now let you take care of three children for me.,It’s really sorry.,Mother。”“Silly girl,We are a family,Say something sorry,I am not big for my father.,Strive for more than ten years, still,More than ten years later,You are still by our side,We can still think of your blessings.,This
Be a family.。”Mu Qing sat down her.,Grid her in his arms。
Mu Qing lightly patted her back,Vocabulary,“Blue,Mom is the luckiest thing in this life, I have encountered you.,Let you be my daughter,If you haven’t met you in the same year,I will have a present life now.。
I not only has a husband who loves me.,Also returned to my child’s side,There are three lovely grandson,These, but I didn’t dare to think about it.。”
“Mother……”Blue Xin is more fierce。
Mom and Dad,I don’t know when I can come back.。
Xiao Jun brothers and sisters have learned abroad.,But,There are more than the mother and child, The most painful thing is to miss。
“Blue,do not Cry,You cry, you will feel bad.,A Cheng This stinky boy is injured, my eyes are not blind.,But see you crying,I am sad.。 ”Mu Qing is comforted with her。
Blue Xin quickly wiped tears,Tight holding mom。
Be reluctant,I can’t help but separate it.。
When more than eight o’clock,Yi Tianqi took Xiao Jun, and his brothers and sisters came back.。
Mu Qing gives the admission notice in advance to Lu Haozheng,Let Lu Haoheng personally and three children。
Yi Tianqi,Knowing things talking。
Three children saw three admission notices,I only feel incredible。
Smart, like Xiaojun,Soon I know that things are not what they see on their surface.。
Look,True’s things are very difficult。
It is definitely threatening their lives,Dad will let them leave。
They are still small,Can’t help but,leave here,There is no binding father’s hand,Instead, let Dad flat all things in a short time.。
“dad,Are you joking with us??Still insulting our IQ?” Blueness, look at the noble school admission notice of the three countries,Face alert look at Dad。
Lu Hao Chengxiao looked quietly at him quietly.:“seriously,No joke。”
Blueness, is incredible:“No matter how much the school is expected to have, I will not leave my mother.。”
“Moreover,Recently, I signed a movie.,When the winter holiday is ended, I started shooting.。”
Lu Haozheng:“You don’t want to go,This is a good opportunity you have learned from abroad.,The acting is not your only way out.,The only thing you have to do now is to make your own academic,This is the foundation after you.。”
“Do not,I said, I won’t leave my mother.。”Blue and Blue, the small face gradually raised a touch of anger。
He has never left mother to go so far.。
“dad,I also feel very strange.,Can we go??”Lan Qiqi doesn’t want to go,This matter is too sudden.,There is no chance to give them astonger.。
Lu Haocheng secretly touched the head of her daughter,There is too much dismisive in my heart.,I want to live in this world more.,Carefree。
Go abroad,Can also learn the language of countries,When they returned again,It will be more accomplished more than now.。
“Kiki,This is a good opportunity,Grandpa grandmother will accompany you to take care of you.,I want my mom and dad, I can call the video at any time.。”