“Be right,The imitation ability of the white imitation is almost perfect,Even in a perceived ninja,I can’t find a short problem.,Unless you share friends,Can see different from personality,Otherwise it is very difficult to identify。”

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certainly,This point,For night, it is completely useless.,Because he recognizes people not only through Chakra。
“It seems that before the number of headaches each other,We still need to think about a steady secret.,Since the other party has this ability,Then you will be mixed into our coalition.。
Although these white strength is ordinary,But probably no one will think,Standing friends behind you,Will suddenly kick behind yourself?”
Five shadows is the head is not as good as Luojing,Say this,Nature is also aware of the severity of the trees,Faces do not help but appear。
“Can you tell these counterfeit goods??”Luo Long I thought about it.,Looking up at night。
“no!That’s afraid of the white eyes of the day.,I can’t accurately recognize fakes。
And even if the white eyes can distinguish,The number of people in the day is also limited,Even if a hundred people are only configured with a day,Estimate is also a drop in the water sain。”
Chapter 835 The second pillar is like Sakura or Naruto
Night is a helpless, walk out of the conference room,For a problem,He is really no way。
Although he can easily distinguish it,But he can’t teach others.。
But let the night say,Don’t think too careful。
Don’t look at the scale of the fourth endurance battle.,But actually fighting for only five days.。
For Yuxi Bo, the earth is told,Whether it is a hundred thousands of white and a big army or those who are fascinated by,It’s just a cannon.。
Their main purpose,However, it is transferred to the point of attention to the nine tail.,Operation plan is basically no,In short, it is the road。
Less part of the essential ninja,And the big snake pocket,Probably only a pocket is serious for this endurance battle.,As a result, I met two teammates who only want to send.,Don’t lose too much。
The time to return to the five shadow is obviously not much,When the Naruto is sent to the Tortoise Island,The fourth endurance battle finally broke out。
The location of the combat is a small country in the country of fire with the country of Lei,The people here heard that the war is coming soon.,As early as the national migration。
“Night adult,The front of the enemy has been found in front,Whether we will fight?”
Night is a commander of the third troops,As early as a few days ago, I came to the area you attached.。
In some“Friendly communication”under,Most of the highly arrogant genius ninja,I have been in convinced of him now.。
“How many people come from each other??In addition to white unexpected,There are no other ninjasters?”
Night looked at the spring wild cherry in front of,Eye gods slightly flavored,Unfortunately, the other party did not see it at all.。
“Preliminary estimate is about 10,000 people,In addition to white,No trace of other enemies have been found。”
Spring Sakura is behind,The eyes flashing。
“All right,I see。correct,It is said that you have a group of members with Yuxi Bozuo.。
So what do you think is more likely to prefer who of your group??”
The night is like a half-joke, suddenly asked,And a white bloom is also stunned on the side of a small cherry.,Subsequent brain flying quickly。
He knows,The seventh class where the nine tail column is located,Just have a spring wild cherry a woman,Then this is simply sent。
I saw Xiao Sakin in front of the night.,Sudden face,Tone also becomes a support,I just want to say that it is shy to say that I like itself.,But the neck has been killed。
“You are really fake,Well-known,Sasuke is the palace of Naruto,Whether it is Sakura or a young,It’s just hidden.。”
Dedicated to small cherry,At this point, a face of the trough,I just have to sigh the second pillar, the little white face taste is actually so unique.,I have already died。
And after the night is dead.,Another Sakura ran from the outside.。
Looking at the death of the ground,For what happened, instant。
“Wait a moment,Don’t close me first,That’s the secret
Yuxi Bozuo is more like Sakura,Still prefer to Naruto?”