Cao Wangjiang original,I don’t want to say something to this side.。

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But Su Yuhong,Give him a knife。
And another side,Lu Fei Yu,Another knife。
Now,Cao Wangjiang can continue to stand here,It is very difficult to。
“you,Wolf,I will not let you go.!”
With the words of Cao Wangjiang,His eyes,It’s even a little bit of look.,Be here。
However,He,In fact, Su Yuhong,But the performance is very unfair。
Even for the current things,In fact, in Su Yuhong looks,Inversely, it is the root,Not feel,This look,What will be wrong?。
And look at this scene,This,In fact, Su Yuhong’s face,It’s even a faint smile.。
“Now,Things have been solved。”
When Su Yuhong’s words said,For these things,In fact, Su Yuhong,Be unresponsible。
And other Cangli Wolves,See here,It is very urgent。
“not good,They kill the law,Let’s follow,What should I do?”
“She is too strong,Let’s,Not their opponent.。”
“Herein,It is good,Leave a green hill without a firewood。”
Say,These people get up,I plan to retreat here from here.。
but,When Lu Fei Yu’s line of sight falls in front of him。
At this moment,Lu Fei Yu’s eyes,It is even more flashing.。
Other things,In fact, it is the root,I don’t think it is.。
But here,Su Yuhong around me,It is put a swing。
“Put them,Directly solve it!”
Anyway,Su Yuhong also feel,This look,It seems too much。
so,Look in Su Yuhong,What to do now,itself,It is even more fundamental.。
With Su Yuhong’s words,obviously,This point itself,It has become obvious。
Slowly,As Su Yuxhong looked at the next look,On the side of the eye,Su Yuhong at this time,But it is whit,Not feel,Now this look,What can I?。
As for in front of Su Yuhong,What about those people around?,It is a brush to look at it.。
Especially those soldiers in the War Temple,All are completely exported。
“Humph,These guys,Purely want to find it here.。”
“No matter how much,Since they want to do this,Let’s,Just fulfill them。”
“makes sense,Let them dare to mess up here,Now this is the price they pay!”
Along with these people,You have said that I am talking here.。
After all, now,In fact, these things,I should start from what angle begins.。
These things,How do you see,How to give people a feeling。
That is what the current presented,It’s very uncommon.。
And you can focus on these,This,At this time, Su Yuhong looked for a while.。