Shen Xuan took Sun Ting together。

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Shen Xuan is facing,But Sun Ting, only,I am very worried about my heart.。
At this moment,Sun Ting turned to look at Shen Xuan,I can’t help but worry,The next consciousness。
“Shen Xuan,you say,Will there be any danger?”
Sun Ting’s heart, the more I want to feel the fear.。
If you really have this thing,Then,The consequences could be disastrous。
And this time,Shen Xuan is not intention。
actually,Dangerous still。
But according to the news obtained from Shen Xuan,This Tianlong Wushu,Can’t be a real opponent。
This,Shen Xuan’s heart thinks here,The whole person is even more relieved.。
“Look,It should be that I am too nervous.。”
Shen Xuan’s heart thought of these,It’s even secret。
After waiting for Shen Xuan, I wanted to understand this.,This,Shen Xuan’s consciousness looked at the eyes。
Other things,Don’t say anything forever。
But here,Shen Xuan still said:“Do you remember our previous things??”
Sun Ting see Shen Xuan,Beauty slightly,The heart is in mind here.。
Before,What is it??
All before all,Sun Ting and Shen Xuan have happened a lot of things.。
And now,Shen Xuan said so,Let Sun Ting don’t know what to say.。
And Shen Xuan,Seeing Sun Ting,It is gently coughing two sounds.,Don’t forget。
“Before,Let’s go to Sun’s family to save this situation.。”
Shen Xuan said,Sun Ting nodded。
These things,How can she still don’t remember??
and,Now Sun’s family can have now development,In fact, I have all lost Shen Xuan.。
If it is not everything in Shen Xuan for Sun’s family。
So Sun Ting doesn’t know now.,Where will she stay?。
Falling in front of Shen Xuan,Looking at Sun Ting,Then continue。
“Yes,Original situation,Compared to now,Unsuitable。”
“But the words,We can cope with,Why is it now?,But it is afraid.?”
Such a thing,Don’t say anything else, don’t say something first。
But here,Such a thing,In fact, it is itself.,There is still a way to solve。
so,When Shen Xuan looked at Sun Ting。
Sun Ting originally,How much scared。
But now,Sun Ting’s heart,How much is a bit。