Being bullied by a man who is not as good as his.,He is definitely can’t be accepted.。

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And Li speaks from the wind whether it is,money,Long phase side is better than him,So his heart is not very contrary.。
I am even willing to be so,After all, Li’s business is more and more.,He heard that Li Hui Feng and prepared to get the villa.,Development of the mountain,There is also the homestay。
These are money.,And the quantity of money is unimaginable.。
For this situation,He has even thought that there is a child,In case, it is really exposed one day.,Li Failong will give a child a little longevity.。
But Zhang Erzhuang’s family business,He feels not as good as he adds Zhao Xiaoli.。
“Liu Da Ge,Take a look at what I brought today.。”
I saw Zhang Erzhuang and got everywhere.,Liu Dafu is a long time.。
“Don’t drink today,I still have to open。”
“Hey-hey,I am giving you wine.,Nephew?”
I heard Zhang Erzhuang,Liu Dafu is dark。
“You are coming to me.,Still looking for my wife?
How do you feel that you have a little higher in the past few days??
Is your kid not hit my wife’s mind??”
Seeing Liu Dafu black face,Zhang Erzhuang is also awkward。
“Hey-hey,Liu Da Ge,You are not before, do you want to borrow??
I actually feel that I can also。”
One heard this,Liu Dafu’s face is more dark。
“Go! Go! Go,I said that you also believe it.,You don’t know if you have a test tube baby.?
I just can’t do it.,You can also test tubes.,Besides, my fighting power is also very strong.,You will take me to the city to compare.?”
For this matter of Liu Dafu,Zhang Erzhuang or letter。
Before,Liu Dafu took him to the city and experienced a。
The two people are in the room.,Just listen to the sound,He knows that Liu Dafu is a little problem.。
And after drinking wine, even more。
The key is no children,This is also understanding,So he feels that this kind of thing that is not smooth is very large.。
After all, this matter is known to Liu Dafu.。
“Hey-hey,Liu Da Ge, if you want,I am ready to go.,Nothing of the nephew,I feel that I can work.。”
You still say?
Let’s talk about it, don’t believe you.?”
The first thousand and eighty-seventh chapters