Logically,Jackson is in his forties and is approaching fifty this year,Still in prime of life。

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Shouldn’t have such a problem!
“Him here,something is wrong……”
Fang Yu pointed to Jackson’s spine position,Shen Sheng。
“I understand……Move the whole body。Jackson thought it was a trivial matter,But never thought,Conditions that affect the overall body!”
Xi Mo knows。
“You have a point……What i want to say is,This is just an incentive。And some of his usual habits,Will cause him to do this!If he manages his body well,Maybe you don’t need me to act!”
Fang Yu said calmly。
“but,We checked for a long time,No specific problems were found!”
At this moment,The western doctor who came next to Dongwoo wondered。
“Are you checking the specific condition of your body??His influence is all aspects,Can’t find the source,Naturally unable to handle!”
Fang Yu Shen said。
“Since the source is there……Doctor Fang,I think our western medicine can handle it!You give us Jackson now,We can definitely cure him!”
The western doctor said。