But this time they were really surprised,Many people have seen the image of Li Tianzhen,Whether it is Xinglong Mountain,When he was dealing with the Psionic Lord of the Netherworld at the beach,He has transformed into a huge image of a god,This is also secretly known as Li Tianzhi‘First man in the team’Reasons for the nickname,No one wants to deliberately myth him,But it’s actually a myth。

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But what I did not expect is,Old man Dong could have such cultivation skills,Hidden is too deep,Many practitioners are very excited,What Zhong Miura、Compared with Xie Changyun,Too much difference,This realm is at least the pinnacle of the God Transformation Realm,Even has a true immortal cultivation base,Why didn’t he fly up to the fairy world?
“You are scarier than i thought。”Old man Dong speaks,The sound is like thunder。
“You do it like this,Will kill Old Man Dong。”
After two thoughtless words,Have turned to the exchange of spiritual knowledge,After all, the things involved are too unbelievable,The following Fansheng can’t understand,I will be at a loss if I understand,It will even cause serious harm,It’s better not to hear,The so-called secrets cannot be revealed,Probably so。
“How do you tell?”
“odor,Or branding。”
“odor?Haha,Haha,On my site,Just fool me?”
“Smell indeed,Don’t you forget,You have entered my spiritual sense and fought a battle with the blood river,Chaos Qi will leave any mark of mental power。”
“Oh?This is my negligence。”Old man Dong nodded seriously,“But then again,I do not welcome guests like you。”
“Is it Panmang、North Mingzhi,You are welcome?”
“They are just a bug to me,And you are different,Your growth will really threaten me,Dayan didn’t warn you?”
“To be fair,Everything i do,Are maintaining the mortal world,Even you。”
“Yes,But don’t expect me to take your love,Because of what you did,I haven’t killed you many times,I regret thinking about it,Let’s not owe at most。”
“But you still can’t kill me today。”
Old man Dong is silent,Li Tianzhen is telling the truth,He can’t embody himself,It’s hard to kill Li Tianzhi,And he didn’t want to kill him today,Just talk,It’s the last time to listen or not。
“The heavens are destroying,But you are alone,I have always been curious,Is there any unique way to survive in the less powerful mortal world??”
“Ha ha,You don’t need to know,You just need to be clear,Talk today,Just make a break。”Old man Dong’s mood suddenly became a little sad,This makes Li Tianzhen very strange,The will of the mortal world actually has human emotions,It’s unusual。
“leave,The process of destruction cannot be stopped,You can swim in the void to see,But don’t come back,This is warning,If you stay and don’t leave,Next time i will tear you to pieces。”