“this is!”Hui Night can’t believe this scene。

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This is what the Spring of the thorough is completely mastered in the power of yin and yang.,Can you decompose。
All properties Chakra’s nature is fully activated to the limit,And rub each other。
White light blooms in the hands of the spring,Chakra with different nature friction,Brought an unprecedented force。
This kind of quality is even surpassing the annihilation of the lace.。
And Spring is still injecting Chakra,Constantly generating this strength,The white light in the hands of the spring is getting brighter and brighter.。
The horrible fluctuations seem to make the whole space are jittering,And the spring can only use shape and natural energy to barely press the power.。
Earth in constant vibration,Some stone is slowly suspended in the air,Slowly。
Power fluctuations in constant distribution。
“What exactly is this!”Big snake pills can’t believe in spring。
Such terrorist power,I am afraid that I have to be taken through the space.!
“This is the power of blood seas,Seven attribute combinations,Maximum destructive power”Spring said。
Principles by the attribute,Let the properties conflict with each other,Forming terror destruction。
This is an idea that Spring is decomposed to decompose.,Seeking jade is attribute,Blend together。
The energy of the compression body is formed。
And Quan Yao’s anti-road,Use attribute phase,Fully inspired all the potential of Chakra。
The hand of the spring is a pressure.,White light ball in his hands is suddenly compressed。
This is the limit that Spring can do.,Strengthen,Even him all can’t control,It’s not good to be destroyed.。
Spiritual night comment,too fast。
She just took out the black rod formed by Spring.,Spring is ready。
And space is also restricted by Spring。
“go to hell”
“Break the light wave”
The light ball on the hands of the spring is suddenly bloomed.,Then the spring is hands。
White light bloom,A white beam is shot instantly。
There is only one white in the world.,Everyone can only see a white light,It seems that all other colors disappeared.。
Let the powerful power fluctuate in the air constant spread。
“Do not。。。。”
As if there is a broken voice。
Spring is a flash,Look at yourself and space,I saw that my space was actually broken.,White light is always in space, I don’t know where it go there.。
have to,Also puffed。
Springs guess this is the result of the glow night forcibly open space,However, there is a restriction of Spring,She is still hit。
Chapter 41 Six cactus
There is a bit of trouble now.,Hui Night, I don’t know if I die.,She was hit into time and space。