“Spring,Do you have a little powerful tolerance?,These two sickness can have no power”Wood Village is confused。

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Spring is the leader to see all of them here,Powerful is not,Even the second-generation technique also has a collection,Of course not those ban。
“No need for the time being”Quan Yi wants to say。
His current attribute cultivation is basically in the head.,Soil and soil double attributes can be perfectly transformed,Means of,Spring only needs little printing to show the powerful surgery。
But Springs feel like cannon mosquitoes,These techniques are not too many in the later period.。
Others are up to up to,Not afraid of these forbearance at all。
Not as good as the Quanyi repair knife and body surgery,Although it is difficult,But the growth space is big.。
His Chakra is also not as good as a breathing state.,General water,Spring can also imitate the breathing of water。
Upper Chakra consumes more points,Time for exercise tolerance,It’s better to use to strengthen your body.。
It is necessary to know that the breathing status of the spring is not necessary to consume physical strength.,As long as his Chakra is more,The consumption of the body can also use Chakra to make up。
“correct,Spring recently be careful,Ninja, there are many villages have come to the leaves”
Mu Village See Springs,I didn’t say anything.,The strength of Spring has progressed very quickly.,Instead, it is said that the Ninja participating in the tentative exam.。
“I see,Do you still don’t worry?,Besides, here is wooden leaves.”The final tone of the spring means deep long。
A large arena,Here is the last venue for the Chinese tolerance.。
Spring is the highest place to stand on the audience,Look around,Almost you can see the entire wooden leaves。
Spring is to prepare for the show,Here he is coming here.。
“White,No problem.”Springs turned to look white。
“Um,Spring did not expect you to have this talent”Smile。
“Ha ha,of course,I am a variety of talents.,All right,White,Go back yourself.,I still have something to do.,Be careful on the road”Spring smiled and said,Then let the white she go back.。
Alien,It is usually going back with her.,How? Today?
But there is no more than white.,“You are also careful”
Recently, the ninja in other villages enters the wooden leaf,White also saw it。
After waiting for white,Spring is busy.。
I saw him turning around.,Then knock on the foot,solid?
After a while,Spring jumps。
I don’t know what he is doing.。
The belly of the spring is called,Then he touched his belly。
“Ugh,Really trouble,It seems that there is more time to prepare more food.”
“I don’t know if I will affect the story.,do not care,Anyway, to the back will also affect,Everything must be constructed,Go on”
“And more controlled,This is related to the future plan.”
Spring said a few words,Just leave here。
Very quiet in the arena,Nobody is nobody。
Brush brush