House inside a European decoration style,Roman column in the hallway,Create a palace。

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Chen Linzhi downstairs,He said with the open auntie last night.,Turn straight to the pool,Shout:“They arrange you??Otherwise I will wait for you.,Go on a peer together?”
Soong Yueqing morning heard that he found it,I know that I have been sleeping in the middle of the night.,So didn’t bother him。
Hear this familiar voice,Song Yuexprint stops swimming,Put your face on the water,Chen Linzhi said:“Should last two weeks,They don’t seem to be anxious,Recently, Hong Kong City police found me once,Let me stay here waiting for notice。”
Seeing her mood is good,And didn’t take the initiative to mention her grandfather,Chen Linzhi is too lazy to draw a snake to add more this,I have already said in the phone beforehand.,Deliberately jump open this topic。
Chen Linzhi laughed:“A week,I came to Hong Kong City, I came to Hong Kong.,To register a company as a springboard,And the opposite motherland businessmen do business,Estimate it takes some time。
Two weeks I can wait for you.,So long days have not seen,I am mixed now.,Ten employees under the hand follow my mixed food,When the boss is not free,Want to go back。”
Song Yuezhuang,She can’t see Chen Linzhi, who is deliberately sold.,Have you seen a lot of,No money, no room is nothing,Who doesn’t know who??
Extraordinary,In one sentence:“Since you are so big boss,When I go back, please move away.,Don’t be made by you, I have discovered that you will make a mess.,Even if I ask my family to help clean up,You also have to return to me.。”
“It is difficult for you to monitor me.?How do you know that your family is now messy??”
Chen Linzhi intends to add her to her,Smile,Supplement:“Hurry up and change clothes,Let me see if it is thin.,I will take me with me to rent a car.。This house is really good,Hotel money is saved,Unfortunately, I far away from the pier.,Come to talk about business is not convenient。”
“I really don’t take myself.。”
Song Yuexprint is far away from home,In this Hong Kong city is no cause,Recently you can get rid of,In fact, I learned Chen Linzhi today.,She is very happy。
Chen Linzhi stalls the hand:
“大 小 的 房 的,No need to see,I am not giving her benefits.。I just sent a spngiment to her for the first time.,It will be seen that it can be caught by her.,If there is no eye,Then I can’t do it.。”
It’s quite curious about this Song Yuezi.,But there is no more。
It is also afraid that the big talents who don’t take the right path are too much.,After encountering so many things,I finally understand the truth of curious and dead cats.。
Hiding in the water is not coming out。
Mainly Chen Linzhi mentioned the shore to see fat thin,Many she thought that many she had thought that she had become a past,The atmosphere has become subtle。
Such bold swimsuit,Song Yuexia did not showcase in front of men,I don’t want to be inexpensive by Chen Linzhi.。
Sorps continues to swim,Chen Linzhi is not anxious,Find a chair under the umbrella,Rest。
After all the Song Yueji is not going to,Soon exhausted,Have to go on the shore,The fire picks up the bath towel will wrap your own。
Short bath towel,Long legs outside。
Chen Linzhi is also unclear why I always want to tune her.,Blow whistle for this purpose,But Song Yuezi is too lazy to take care of him,Directly in the house。
This house has been bought by Yuluqi’s father in the early years.,No one in the next year,Only a few nanny gardens are responsible for daily maintenance,Occasionally receive some Yului guests。
For Chen Linzhi’s arrival,The babysitter is quite calm,Nothing more than something,For example, I prepared a breakfast after he got up.,Health porridge plus shrimp dumplings,With a cup of fresh milk。
See Chen Linzhi,Song Yuexiang will always remember the day of drunkenness in Los Angeles,You can stay here for too long,Long-haunted urban area。
Chen Linzhi eats breakfast,She still chooses to go out with Chen Linzhi.,Say to go to the mall to buy some skin care products、Daily necessities。
The housekeeper passed the phone,Call a full-time speaker car,Extended version of Mercedes,Send them to the neighborhood。
Chen Linzhi to find a place to contact Gao Bo,I learned that he went to Hong Kong tomorrow.,Subsequently with Song Yueji to walk around in the mall,I bought some small items.。