Soon she found the headphones on Zheng Yuchi:“Wow, Sony Dafa.!”

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Zheng Yulai is a bit embarrassed.,Well only。
She presses the novel,The headphones are also hanging on the neck.,This is for politeness and respect,So she quietly heard the breathing of Nange。
“There is a crow called。”Nan Ge said。
“It is my neighbor。”
“Well?Also monster??”
“Not countless,It is just a general crow,Some special abilities http://www.hgbaoyuantang.cn have been obtained under the influence of the gods.。”
“Isn’t that it is??”
“this……”Zheng Yuqing doesn’t know how to say,The demon in the demon and cultural works is actually different.。
“What special ability?”Nan Ge asked。
“Particular intelligent。”Zheng Yu-ku thought about it.,“Sometimes it sees the monster。”
“The crow is very smart.。”
“It can understand people,I like to make a cute chicken teasing duck play,It will always come to me to eat.。”Zheng Yizhen smiled and said。
“Crow eat what?”
“Everything to eat。”
“Everything to eat?”
“Um。”Zheng Yuchi nodded,“wheat、Valley、corn,Meat,Everyone eats it.。”
“If I do a slingshot to kill it。”
Voice is just,I came out of the window.。
Zheng Yuki shakes his head:“Steam by it,It can only eat a little bit。”
“And it’s and a friend or http://www.szroom8.cn friend。”
“What is the hoe??”
“The most smartly。”
“correct,Taro does not love and other dogs,Maybe it is stupid,It’s going to play with the crow.。They will go up the mountain to eat wild eggs,Where is the crow knowing wild eggs?,But hit a wild chicken。Sometimes the steamed bread will bring other dogs.,Always send a welfare to your friends,At this time, the crow will be unhappy.,This is less。”Zheng Yue, I didn’t know before.‘Benefeliness’This word。
“So amazing?”Nan Ge likes to listen to this,“That war?”
“half each。”
“Single number?”
“do not know……”
Zheng Yuzi slightly shakes the head,If you don’t get natural。
At this time, Nan Ge and she crowded in a bed.,And from the party, Nan Ge has always been holding her.,She has never been to people.。But listen to the novel,Girl in the mountain、Most of the relationships are good.,Some sleeps together when you sleep together.……
Fortunately, Nan Ge did not touch。
槐 关 房 房,Geometric mass transient change——Before he is away from,Now is a little monster。
He even loudly picked the song.。
Left hand a poppum,Right hand, a wind dried beef,All on the desk。
It’s great to eat without labor.。
The group squats in the desk.,The show lifts the small voice:“Give a group of adults and dry,To flatten,Don’t be stranded,The group is biting。”