It is a speed displayed in the summer.,It’s too big to give them a visual impact.。

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Looking at the speed of middle-aged people chasing,I remember the speed of the summer.……Both are like a baby just learned to walk.,Putting a cheetah。
“this,this,this……”Lin Dong said that he can’t say a word for a long time.,Last shook head,“Let it go,Let’s go back,This kid does not need us to worry and worry.,He is a demon。”
……the other side,Middle-aged men have increased speed to the ultimate,Take http://www.fj153.cn advantage of it。
However, he can only look at it.,Locked the idiotymph is getting more and more blurred。
Also chase a moment,The other party has gone rid of the lock,Plundered the scope of the confession。
“Me¥%¥#5……”Middle-aged people stopped,Chest,Bullous。
So hate, let your emotions stably。
“Boy,As long as in the range of Yunshan,I have to grab you in the sky.……”Put a sentence,He rejuvenates a few times。
即 传 传 元 元,Report the situation here。
After the end of it,He is sinking,Start memories of summer look,I took a picture of a topite stone,Into my mind。
His intention,Is the inside of the summer’s physical outlet。
But see below,Hawran color。
“Good little scorpion,I have been killed up.……Dongpu City,Dao Baoge,summer……Is this not a three-yield owner hanging up??”
Middle-aged people connected,Reconnect http://www.okyixin.cn the message。
“Jiashan Lord,The teenager you live in person in three months ago.,Summer from Taoist Dongpu City Road……When I arrived,Our people have been killed,I am not sure that he kills a few people.……he,I ran by him.……Yes,Yes,I am now going to the scene now.……”
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early morning。
Red Day East。
Mingxia rises in the East,Sprinkle large piece of gold color。
100,000 mountains,Feng Luo Yan,Lin Hai,From time to time, you will have a huge hustle,Straight through the cloud。
One night of rush,Summer coming to a hidden valley。
Here is fresh,Green bamboo,Various places are covered with lush onions。
Surrounded by flying springs,Jade belt small stream。
He opened a unclear cave on the wall of the valley.,Arabians covering。
Entroy,Activate black jade。
Spin,Summer will take eight bodies from the mustable space。
He first has to do,It is extracted blood。
Infite whether they have a storing secret treasure?。
Half time,Prospect。
I really have one person to have a crystal space.,In addition to a bunch of piles outside,There are also various spirits http://www.xndpn.cn and spirits,And rare ore raw materials。
Next,He didn’t hesitate from the body abdomen,Take out eight flashing heartprints。
Different in summer eyes。
These eight heartprints are the power condense in the late Ling Dynasty.,Means there is extremely rich energy。
Unusual,Energy in the heart print,The war is no way to absorb。