She doesn’t understand why she will tell the truth.,Also come up with it,Instead, I have to face an anger of the surfaction.。

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“Master is forgiving.……”She screamed,Shout,“Since then,I have never betrayed the old man.,I swear……”“Inlet!Give me a place!”
Anger,Note like a knife,Fortunately, he still keeps http://www.yiya123123.cn a bit of reason,Turntable,“Now everything is big.,What do you want?”
Summer did not answer,That is looking to the Qian Niu Niu。
“Niu Niu,She is the direct murderer killed your parents.。
How do you want to deal with her??”
“Me……”Qiu Niu suddenly lost,彷徨 and helpless。
These two years,She has always believed that the special check is the enemy who killed his parents.。
She also condenses a hatred in the opponent,I want to revenge。
But now,She but her heart is dead。
This woman named Sudan,Although it is direct trip,But she is a descent by Qian Peng Fu.。
Why do Qian Peng Fu be doing this??
Don’t know。
Because he died in the early hours of this morning。
And before the summer,He is the real culprit……Qiu Niuzhen was fascinated,She still has a full hatred,But I don’t know how to vent it.。
I don’t know who I hate?。
She prayed to see the http://www.guang618.cn summer,Tearful crystal,“let’s go,leave here,Me,I want to be quiet.。”
“good,let’s go。”
Summer deeply glanced over the paled Sudan,Rotary looks to the special check,“Mr.,It is not easy for Chinese in Brunei life.,And the early morning,Qian Peng Fu is dead,I hope you will not be a refugee family in the future.,Can you do it??”
The special investigation is also a shock,“Qian Peng has died?
Impossible!How did he die?!”
“Last night, you both,He was bounced in the lungs,5 o’clock in the morning。”
Summer road。
Burchase is not a laugh,Subsequent to the teeth to see the Sudan,“Happen!Let’s pay with you for a while!”
After the end,Reorder summer,“good,I promise you,Since Qian Peng is dead,Also revenge for my son,As for the money home,I won’t shoot,Qian Peng Fu is dead,What few brothers can’t set up something,Even if I don’t shoot,For a few years,The money will also defeat。”
“That’s more thanks.。”
I watched him in the summer.,“Since this,The Tour of Dangmanye Billion Brunei,I don’t want to be with you.。”
Motto,But not。
“let’s go。”
Summer is going out,Qiu Niu took a sorrow and lost,Behindhe。
When the two leave for a long time,The hall is still quiet。
Previously dull inhibition atmosphere,It is breathed。
But two people walk,More than a dozen bodyguards on the ground,That is finally slow,Intangible pressure dissipated。