“Let’s play and touch it.,You blindly, my eyes。”

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Garden,Gausad said to several palace women and eunuch around me.。
“Hose,Playing this game in the palace is not good.?”
The secret eunuch is careful。
“Um,Too。correct,Chen Guo n’t trust some of the http://www.91tianjie.cn goldfish for some ornamental,where are you now?”
Gaussode“From 谏谏 流”,Ask another thing。
“Hose,Is in the pool in the front of Wanshou Palace。But there is”
Li Zuyu strives to bring him to Zhao Jun.,And Wanshou Palace is the palace of Zhao Zhaojun。
“I am at the door.,Don’t go in,Take a way。”
Gao Shaode’s attitude is very resolute。
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS558chapter 邺 邺 郊 外 狐 狐(4)
“Hose,Unreliable pool is too close”
I have seen Gaussode half of the body.,Reluctantly maintain a balance,The secret eunuch has been scared。
However, the nine-year-old Gaoste from the small brocade jade food,What is going on basically what I want?,Not like a Gao Yin, I am staring.,He can only work hard.,Where can I care about how people?
Since the Jin Dynasty discovered that the red squid,Red yellow gold carp http://www.digetongfang.cn and gold carp began to be discovered。
Western Han Dynasty,Buddhism introduced to my country,These rare colors and the mysterious gold squid and gold carp appear at the time.,It has become the main“Release”Object。
In the Tang Dynasty,Large construction of the release pool,The most representative is the release pool of Jiaxing and Hangzhou.。Northern Song Dynasty,Many release pools began to become a goldfish pool of specialized golden 鲫。Gold squid has also begun to gradually become people’s ornamental objects,Mainly stocked in the pool of the palace or the giants。
But in the end of the North and South,Goldfish is still rare,Generally there is only the palace。
BlushingchiMiddleware,In the event of Fengyun。
This golden squid,Symbolism,It is the observer that is exciting.。But most of you dare not yet.。
I am afraid of taboo。
South Chen Jijin Jinjin Jinfish,A total of eight1,Symbolizes“Ninety-nine”,Very flattering,Have the meaning of gorge。
after all,Nan Chen through the trade of North Qi,Rapid recovery of people’s livelihood economy,Have a lot of benefits。Although the traditional land, the two Huai is taken away by North Qi.,but,If a regime is chaotic,Need to breathe,I am afraid it is still a grandson now.。
What is the relationship between the face is slightly humiliating??If the Northern Expedition is now not able to recapture the two Huai,What can I still don’t put her grandson??
Goldfish is shining in the sun.,Look very good。Gaosto from small to big,I have never seen such a golden golden carp.,Look at the eyes in a moment。
Don’t say that he is,Even the eunuch palace behind him,It’s also stupid one by one.。
It is no wonder that the emperor will put the goldfish in the pool in front of Hiroshi Palace.,In fact, this is a kind of recognition of the high ocean against the status of Zhaojun.。after all,For Xianbei forces,Sometimes the words of Zhao Zhaojun are used than the high ocean.。
“Hey,This fish can not eat?”
Gao Shande returned,Sound of the eunuch。
eat?This is a dragon that is not boosted.,You have to eat?You have a few courage. If you know how you know, what do he want??Really ignorant