They are flying in a fast,Constantly collision。

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Qian Yu and Eight Snake,A god-level http://www.weixinsucai.cn medium,A god-level late,They all took out their best battle,And everything is extremely。
Sickness,Darts,Long knife,Resubitorial……Every moment will be played more than a dozen times,I don’t give summer asthesia.,I want to force him to enter the anti-stealth time in advance.。
Three people are emitted for an urgent moment,Clothes hunting,Hair of hair,The air continues to come to the crumpled。
“Hand over,otherwise,die!”Eight snakes drink a big drink,“Kill god,My patience is limited。”
Summer solve,I collided with him in a moment.,And behind the shape。
In his life,A swree-cold cold light。
That is thousands of feathers。
Unspeakable,Thousand feathers rotate,Continuously retreat,Moment,Once again, in the dark。
The attack of the eight snake is attacked.。
After just hitting a few http://www.shantaifoods.cn tricks,Ambulous,A stern samurai silent delivery,Summer avoid flash again,Wrinkled frown。
Take this opportunity,Eight snakes took a palm of the summer on the back of the summer,His face revealed a cruel laugh,“Killing god,Also,Hahaha……Uh!”
He can’t laugh very quickly.。
I saw the inertia of the palm of the summer.,Magical horizontal,But just two steps,He draws an extremely fierce radianer in place.。
“Island country so-called sickness,It is just the fur of Huaxia five-line.。”
Voice is just,He rotates the body,Anxiety,At the same time coldly,“Ggo!”
Summer talking,In the moment, the flash of the whip leg,The air actually came to a very small and frivolous snoring。
Sound is very urgent,Very short,It’s like a stuffy righteous。
http://www.artlinks.cn “boom!”
The body shape of the thousand feathers falls in the shadow。
Wow,Vomiting blood。
this moment,Qian Yu only feels blood to boil in the body,The top of the five organs is not as yourself.,Tumbled in dramatic,And in the blood of his spit out,Mix a lot of debris。
That is the broken meat in the organ。
“You are not ban……”
Qian Yu suddenly sees color,Want to open a reminder of the eight snake,But the words have not been finished.,Whistling,A palm is quickly enlarged in his pupil。
Not waiting for him to land,It is already buckled by the summer,Knead,Cache,Then, the scream of thousands of feathers。
Alert,Another hand raised,Five fingers,Rapidly,Targe, in the opponent’s chest。