And it’s good to be a fast collar before the night.,Use“No. 18 necklace”Restore world awareness,Power finally received complete recovery。

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The appearance of the will of God is different,The shape of the world awareness illusion,Is a big big sister,And I don’t know if it’s a mobility of each other.,The other party is not only green,And there are still two sisters like the night, blowing snow。
If the night in this time,Is the previous perfect state。World awareness of the United now fully recovered,Is ability to kill the will of God。
But unfortunately, things are always in violation of,World awareness is completely recovered,But he is completely dejected.。
And although it is one of the world awareness,But the night can be seen,Standing world awareness,Attten to the opponent of God’s will。
In this case,Lost will only be a morning and evening。
So the last night can be thought of,Still only“Vital bomb”This killer is.。
And this is what the power is exhausted.,The only skill that can be used to have the will of God。
A large amount of voyage is under the help of the night,Afro-gathering,Blue white sphere on top of his head,Also in this instant expansion becomes large。
All creatures of this world,At this moment, it seems to understand,If the will of God gets the victory,This world will become so like,So, you can do our best to help night.,Contribute to your own vitality as much as possible。
And as those heroes arrive with ordinary people,Eleid bomb on the night,Also completed several times expansion in an instant,Directly into a large radius of giant vitality。
Chapter 984 Power from multiple vertices
Look at the constant expansion,Originally, the world awareness of God’s will,I finally saw a wins hope.。
Before she wants to carry a night run,With now she fully recovered the strength,Although I want to defeat the will of God, I am unrealistic.,But I want to leave.,The problem is still not big?。
But just at the end,Night, but tell her,I still have the last killer.。
If it is changed another person, this sentence is,World awareness will feel that the other party’s death duck mouth is hard,But there is too many miracles created before night.,This leads to world awareness,,Night may have a chance to turn over the wind。
When you start gathering the firing in the night,The will of God is naturally noticed.,Unlike the world awareness of the biased human,He even has seen it.,Night use this name“Vital bomb”Ability。
At the beginning, God’s will looked at the vitality of constant expansion.,Inner heart is some panic,But when he saw the Yuanqi bomb in the expansion to several kilometers,There is no bigger time,The expression is instantaneous.。
Size in this kind of emissivity,I have no problem with the god geek game before killing.,But want to kill the will of his God,It’s just a whimsical。
And at this time,The expression is also sorry,According to his calculations,This time he has a vitality from each life of the world.,Be more than before,Why is the faded breath?。
But very fast,Night, I want to understand the problem.,That is because of the people who gave him,The quantity is less!
Before defeating the big snake,Although everyone provides a lot of money,But it will win in quantity。
And the hair of this monster association,But let a lot of hero died with ordinary people,And those heroes are not very good.,So providing the vitality of the night,Naturally becoming less。
“Ha ha ha ha,It’s really ridiculous.,It seems that your last resistance is like this.,I am one of the awareness of this world.!
You really think,Collected a group of antices,Can you defeat me??”
World awareness is basically the will of God,It seems that the limits of the other side see the night.,God’s will not panic,Even the expression is quite calm opening ridicule。
“One world is not enough,So plus the power of several worlds?!”
Although the vitality collected by the world,Some less expensive,But playing at the beginning,Night is not intended to solve the problem only on the power of the world.。
Because the night is quite clear,Even if you give a squeeze in all the people of the world,The gathering of the gathering is also unable to defeat the will of God.。
“Use props「Voice of the world」!”
This name“Voice of the world”Props,In fact, the night is upgrading to the full-class four-star hero,The props given by the system。
Its effect is through a medium,Make the voice of the night,Can be connected with the world,Transmit to another world。
I have always thought http://www.bdmai.cn that this is the same as a chicken rib.,But just when I just gathered the empty bullet,The night is suddenly discovered,This is able to send a big use in now。
Props“Voice of the world”Night chosen media,Is his other props“Heroic”!
Other props as a medium,Night may only make your voice to a world。
but“Heroic”Because of the uniqueness of the props itself,In fact, there are already channels of several worlds.,That is to say, the night is in this prop.,You can make your voice,Appeared in multiple worlds!
“Friends from all over the world,I am named Night.,At this time, the distant end of the end is fighting with a strong enemy.。
The other party exists with the purpose of destroying a civilization,Can you please lend me your strength??Even if it is a little bit,Please everyone.!”
Paint black bullet,Holding http://www.bellivip.cn place,Little Loli first heard the voice of the night。
John to extend his own little hand,Contribute yourself,Even if you are still worried about your strength is not enough.,Desperate piping,It seems that this can give more strengths.。