They watched the summer,The light car entered the colorful light curtain,Then, it is disappeared with an electric light.。

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“this……what happened?”
“Yes,Who is he?!”
“Why can I enter??”
“Is it banned??”
Not everyone knows that summer can be broken。
In fact,In addition to the positive business meeting and Changming and others,The outsiders don’t know。
See this scene at this moment,Suddenly,Very boil。
Many people go forward,Focus on the screen。
However, it is a huge shock to rebound.,Many people are thrown out,Toughness。
NS3923chapter No polar change
NS3923chapter No polar change
The non-polar maps in the summer have been transformed into 60%。
This new energy,Be said to be chaotic http://www.xinlanmumen.cn energy。
Energy flow,The first heavy light is not enough to intercept him。
After walking,Expand Taiji nine steps,Long-standing in the direction of the temple。
Come in,There are three purposes。
One,He wants to see the ban in the third heavy column。
Second,He also wants to know what the so-called holy host is?
Hears,Also a more important point。
That is……After entering the temple,The time flow rate is different from the outside world。
Old a year,Equivalent to the Temple of Ten。
Since coming to the road line,Summer time flow rate,It is no longer possible to use。
It’s easy to encounter such an opportunity now.,How can I miss?。
All the way,Light car ripe road rushing on jade stairs,Enter the first major temple of the temple。
Alert,A happy heart。
The main hall is deep,The colorful ban has not disappeared。
Summer is reissued again in the same way,Enter the second major temple。
Middle of the hall,That thick light column is still。
Light column,A fan is still clear。
Summer heart,Tight a few steps。
After Gogjian said that,There are some people present in the scene.。
Only he is in the future,It was sent to leave.。
Come to the near,He is deeply breathing a breath,Do it is ready,Explore your hands and gently print onto the light column。
Next moment,He stunned。
http://www.mjmp88.cn Because。
There is no anti-shock on this light column.,It’s just that he is unexpected.。