Dr. Clow is unclear why the night is saving himself.,But the eyes are stopped.,He is naturally touched time running。

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“Your guy”Be run,Bergiita naturally looks angry looking at night。
Be distant,Also rushed up,Surrounded by its group。
“I have long thought you are very suspicious.,Now really I can’t help but shoot??”
Bike looks vigilant watching night,Originally, he did not feel good about the Saiyan.,If it is not the future of Tex,He even becomes untrustworthy。
In the view of Bike,Have a powerful night,If there is any ambition,It can be more dangerous than anyone.。
“Allocate,Calm first.,I am two years old with night.,He should not be a bad person。
He chooses to do this,Do you have any reason we don’t know?。”
See the crowd of swords,Bama is busy shouting。Unlike others,Night is in her house for two years,She should not see the wrong person。
Although there is a bit of a bit more than the night,Character seems to be greedy,But to say that he is a far-minded person,Bamma is absolutely unbelievable。
The bones are salty fish,I feel trouble even stand.,Will go to the things like the tyrant?
Chapter 636 The Saiyan who is not wave is also known as the Saiyan
“It is clear,These two people who appear today,The intensity intensity of the man-made people mentioned before the previous boy does not match。
Before not engage in things,I can’t let you kill Dr. Clow,In case you still have a stronger man.?”
Night 哉 naturally can’t let Baggi Tower do the Dr. Clow,The same will come out with the 18th.,I didn’t play it directly.。
“But according to the Teram,The position is right with time.,And it really appeared two people。
How do you make sure you have just been made,Not the other party’s super two groups。”
Tex did not say the specific appearance characteristics of the 17th and No. 18th.,So this time, the Bike is waiting at this time, it will be doubtful.。
However, Delks probably did not think,In addition to the seventeen of the artificial,There are other people who exist。
“Very simple truth,Bergiita is now strong,But it is still not able to do the extent of the teenager before killing.。
These two people are very obvious that they are not the same as before the other party.。certainly,If you think that I am not right?,I want to do it, I am also accompanying.。
But don’t expect me to stand with it.,If you are not careful,But will be dead!”
Night is not a good temper,Previously moved to each other,It is to see the role of our favorite.。
But it has been provocative,Night http://www.amyusb.cn is not going to endure,Anyway after the battle,In addition to the Bike with the heave,Can beat Saru, not absorbed on the 17th and N88,Others are basically soy sauce。
And it is anger in Bick and others,When you are preparing to fight,The future of Tex is sitting at the time.。
And under the clarification of Telks,Everyone finally learned,The wreckage left by the human being,Not the artificial person known by Terry。
Tex suspected that history changed,Night, but I feel some of them.。
Speaking of the future of Detryl,Or Future Bunma tells him,And the future Bama is in this time period,Come here or two things。
Perhaps the 29th and 20th,At the beginning, there is an emergence.,But it was killed by Sun Wuki and Begita.。
So Bamma has always thought,Only the No. 18 and No. 18 appeared on the island。
http://www.victoriafashion.cn But now these are not important.,Dr. Clow was put away from night.,Tex believes that each other must be found,I will kill him before I released the 17th.!
“You have no bone guys,It’s just that the face of the victims!
Although I am not willing to admit,But at this point,I think the difference between the night,More like a proud Saiyan,Is it better to have a stronger guy??
Honest,Just the strength of the two people,Let me be too disappointed。”
This time of Tex has born,So Truscis also has no hidden identity.。
After knowing the identity of Tex,Bama is happy,Because her son grows up behind a handsome guy。
And Bergi Tita is still very satisfied with Tex,But after listening to the other party, after such a fussy,It’s not cool in an instant.。
As a noble fighting nation,Your strength is not strong enough,But http://www.055411.cn you must have a lot of waves!
Not wave,What else is eligible?“Saiyan”,Viewed in Baggiita,Ourselves Tex,It’s just that the heterogeneous in the Saiyan。