“all good,all good。You do not know,Yuxing is terrible now,Throughout Fushan County,Those are the top ones。”The captain immediately excited,“I wish the boss,Oh no,I wish the lay person is now a famous figure in the county,Stomping,This city is going to be shaking……”

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Li Tianchou waved his hand and interrupted the captain,I want to make teeth。I wanted to reprimand,But after a second thought,With the captain’s insight,Seems to be correct,Everyone is happy that Yuxingda has developed,Couldn’t be more normal。But have a degree,There must be no deviation in the direction,Must not be an emperor,Then it’s no different from the old grandson who put himself on the fire,With Zhu Lei’s mature and respectful,It should be able to be in the right position?
While chatting,There was a sudden shout outside the door,“Zoran,You bastard,Grandma’s dare to play me。”The voice is slightly old,But full of air。
Li Tianchou stunned,Look at the captain,This guy looks tangled,The eyes flicker,Xindao has another guest fooled。
The doorway darkened,An old man flashed into the house,Clean action。This person is not tall,But stocky,Beard and hair are white,All-over black satin practice clothes,Stand proudly,The natural aura made Li Tianchou’s eyes bright。
Kiwi!This old man turned out to be Uncle Qin, who had several connections on the beach of Uncle Hai.,No wonder the sound is so familiar。It’s just that the old man covered his facial features with his http://www.sushidelivery.cn beard and hair,Messy and sloppy,Except for the chin now,The face is shaved clean,Very energetic,Refreshing。
Uncle Qin, who was full of anger, was also taken aback when he saw Li Tianchou,he“what”With a,Approaching each other without scruples,Watch Li Tianchou carefully,Then raised his head and laughed,“meet again,young people。”
“I didn’t expect to see you here,Qin Bo,These days are always good?”To this legendary old man,Li Tianchou dare not neglect,Long body to meet。And the captain who was dodging by the side also smiled openly,Knowing that there is a big brother,Don’t worry about this old man’s reluctance。
Polite words,Seated separately,The captain brought a cup of tea,Chuckle。The old man gave the captain a fierce look,Forbearance, I didn’t mention the matter again,Turning his head and smiling at Li Tianchou,“My old man http://www.zowdoors.cn planned to bury this old bone in Cai’s home,I didn’t expect a little baby named Peng to come to the mountains last month,Told one thing,Makes me fidget,no way,Popped out again。”
“Oh?”Li Tianchou was shocked,Careful temptation, “I don’t know what major event can disturb your old man?”
“Hey,It’s not about Geng Dawu。”Qin Bo sighed softly,Bowed his head and blew the tea foam in the cup。
Sure enough,But how can everyone know about Uncle Geng??It doesn’t make sense,His secrets are limited to a small area,Except for his two old friends,There are instructors and case handlers,No one else will know,So where did Peng Weihua find out the news??
Seeing Li Tianchou suddenly stunned on the spot,Qin Bo puts down the teacup,Hand stroke long beard:“Don’t be too sad about Geng Xiaowu,The man is dead,It’s not a relief。Care about the living now,His brother Geng Dawu is still alive,Peng Xiaozi told me personally,I can’t leave it alone,After all, my brother。”
“Oh,Is Ahua’s news accurate??”False alarm,Li Tianchou knew he would be wrong,But Uncle Geng’s eldest brother has news,Is also a big deal,Although Uncle Geng didn’t mention it when he died,But Li Tianchou still has ideas,That is to find this person as much as possible or find the exact information。
There was no clue at the time,Busy yourself,I can’t help myself now,I really owe something in my heart。
“Should be reliable,I just came back from Mindong City in the neighboring province,Someone saw him there。Unfortunately returned without success。”