The same not far,Feel the trembling of the feet,That slightly tremble with the nerve end,The green light in Mai Yinge,Slowly lift the head,Can’t help but snort。

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Small lane。
“you again。”One party is cold,Feel the slightly cold temperatures,Put on,Calculate the calculation formula in the mind,I don’t feel the kind of blessing cold.。
The Qing Dynasty did not pay attention to one party,Just slowly lift your hand,Look at the wounds of your right hand,Not talking。
just now,When you save this sister yourself,The ice used to defend against the defensive ice is smashed,And one of the small tapered ice is broken through its own field.,Directly piercing your fingers。And I have been hurt by my own ability,no doubt,It is the palm of this white hair.。
“Indeed‘Vector operation’。”Qing Palace,At the same time, put down your hand.,at the same time,The blood on the finger is quietly stopped,“In the case of my thorough defense,Can also design http://www.sagalove.cn a counterattack,Really。”
“what?”One party passes slightly picks the eyebrows,Like laughing, watching the Qing Palace,“how,You won’t say,This is all your strength.?Three years ago, challenge my courage.?”
“Courage, I have always had this kind of thing.。”The Qing Palace is cold and cold,“I want to know,Three years,Why can’t you turn this??”
“how,I am interested in talking about me today.?”One party passed lightly,Into a look of interested in my eyes,“Or,This game you have fun?”
“I am different from you.。”Qing Dynasty with a mask,No one can see his expression,However, his sound line is just a cold,“Say directly,How can I end this experiment?。”
“This experiment?Excuse me,I have never taken this thing seriously.。”When the party, he listened to the Qing Palace.,Suddenly laugh,“This experiment is for me.,But it’s a game of time.。As for you or any guy makes it true,That is too stupid.,Is not it?”Say,He turned slightly to see the Qing Palace.,Wintry and evil。
“you”Qing Palace,A slightly passed。
“As for these years?”One party is trafficked,Then, the corner of the mouth is awkward.,“What have I passed?,I think you should know the most。after all,”He looked at the Qing Palace,I don’t know if I am sigh or ridicule.,“Years ago,Are you also a part there is not??”
Quietly look at the teenager in front of,I haven’t spoken in the Qing Dynasty.,Just standing there,Light golden eyes can’t see whit fluctuations,Half,He said with a slightly hoarse voice.:
“I don’t care, you are given up.,Or escape the reality。”Quiet opening,“Since you do something wrong,Just give me a recognition error,As for the cost,Unclear,I will play with you.。”
“Say you。”
“No matter what price!”
“interesting”One party is connected to slowly turn over and picked up a coma10031Qing Palace,Disdainful snoring,“Do you have this thing??”
“Tonight tonight。”Qing Palace did not look back,The sound came along the small lane in the small lane.,“So many days,I can’t see your slight possibility。I also want to end early.。”
“My possibility?”One party has a dangerous radiator,Just want to say something,He is awkward。
Because in the alley,Another Yumu sister appeared。
One hand passed softly with a teenage girl in the hands of the Qing Palace,The Qing Palace is slightly surprised to look at the girl,Although there is an exterior appearance with other sisters,Can feel the awareness of the Qing Palace,What is the difference between this sister?。
“Junior cloud to help,Brother。”The brother’s simple statement,Although there is still no expression on the face,But her eyes have a simple sister.,“As for next,Two hours after thirteen minutes,Will carry out the last experiment today,Perfect。”
“You have a name?”The Qing Palace is slightly shocked by the girl,“Yes”
“Junior cloud has its own name。”Girl is still calm,“The name of the evening is Yumu Xi Cloud,Brunette teenager originated from a hedgehog。At the same time, the evening gratitude said to the brother of the brother, and hurt my brother, I don’t know the name of the evening.。”
“That guy is good?。”Qinggong smile,Backward,White hair looking to another,Flash in the eyes。
“What I want to come,Just end everything today.!”
Girl named Yumu Tonay did not speak,Just like the general Yumu sister,Quietly look at the way not far away,Amber scorpion slightly flashing。
Another head in the alley,The brunette’s teenager hurts your tone.,The shape disappears at the end of the alley。
Go home tomorrow,Yesterday’s chapter, the deposit is used today.,Tomorrow Conan resume updates,Trouble in playing……
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soon,Night coming。
Meiqin quietly relying on the railings of the iron bridge,Night wind slightly smashes tea-made hair,Let the girl’s face slightly fluctuate,But there is another other expression。
Meiqin at this time,Desperate as if a delicate person。