Suddenly Three Recognition Sounds at the same time,See the direction of the entrance of the small courtyard——At this time, the Chu Deirers stand in front of the door.,The eyes seem to have a hole in this wooden door.,I have been seeing the three sorghums in the opposite cave.!

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http://www.sure-56.cnat the same time,Chu Deirers although fighting,As if the next moment is going to shoot,But Sandu feels……Dictionary is a Zen!
Three people only feel,Is a master to debate the Zen machine with his own teacher,The three people are almost。
Because this zen machine,“fight”Be very obvious,Three people are not willing to open first,Just also secretly secretly,Confrontation!
But this is not just the fight against the gas.,It is also a contemporary battle,Trinity Mr. Sorghum only feels that the other’s Zen is more depth,Especially in this“Survey”Word——Knowing the number of the three people,Ferry、Ferocious、Ferry……
The law is also the Zen machine of the three people.,Just like the martial arts of Tianlong Temple, Zen Master is in the dryness。
Although the Chu Deirers did not like the Mozhi, a Zen of the Zen Master,But this is also similar.、Even more direct——It is to use Zen in the other party.!
Chu Deirers in Zen Second,This will make high,and……s“Ferry”if,Has also spent the six Erman,But very experience。
In the end, Sanfu was surprised to break the Zen that he was cultivated.,I can’t help but speak first.。
“He Fang Gao,What,What is the thing to this hill??”Eye,Be:Who are you、Whereast、Where can I go?。
The other party first opens,It has already fallen,Chu Deirers also won the victory at this time!
When three people are all guard,Just listen……
A big sorrowful voice came in!
The three sorghums are also commendable——I thought that the other party may argue,who knows……It’s a piece of 唢 唢?
I saw this time,The broken door of the Temple,Open one’s own。
With the 唢唢 version《Swordsman song》,Chu Deirers walk in step by step、Take step by step,At the same time:“Half-Buddha is half-fairy,Tong Confucian release is the whole sages……”
Chapter 769 Struggle
Sanfu is a genuine hidden versa,And it is a heavy Buddha’s heart in martial arts practice.、Zen Zen,But in your own,Biased to Xiaojiao Dharma——Ought、Tricky、Difficulties……
Minimum attention to the outside world,In the original,I didn’t know that I didn’t know that I didn’t know that I didn’t know about it for thirty years.,Three brothers are just hidden mountains,Shaolin was taken by Zhao Minong,Not shoot。
It can be said that it is a certain realm.……
Nature is not like others,I heard it, I know that Chu is old.,Even at all, I don’t know if the red white is too old.!
Seeing the people so young,Three people are still very surprised。
“The old three people dozens of years, the rivers and lakes,I can’t think that there is such a young academy.,I don’t know the name of driving.?”Duan Em。
Chu Deirers heard a sentence——Don’t know me?do not know……OK!
“Ten Wusheng,Chu Deman!”The Chu Deirers have no hesitation,Daily nickname without the second person。
Sanfu 言 言——Ten Wusheng?So exciting nickname,Such nickname,Haven’t been killed yet,Even recognized……Dedicated to the rivers and lakes!
“I don’t know, I am concerned.,What is it?http://www.natural-change.cn ?”After the embrace, I asked。
“Xie Xun is with me,Trinity,Expensive。”Chu Demen makes a Dafa。
“Amitabha,I am waiting for your stay.,Not to punish,Instead,Where‘Raise hands’Say。”Du De is only forced by Chu Deirers,I didn’t think that the people can really pick three.。
“Hahaha,Degree of Xie Xun,Don’t worry about three people!”
Chu Deirers said,Frame in the chest,Opened a Buddha,So at the same time,Golden light masterpiece,Sanxuan only feels a hot Zen,Take it up with it,And worthy of the first,Drake a trick of Chu Deirers“Buddha”。
“Buddha”Just greetings,Then the Chu Deiren suddenly fled,Hand knot“Glorous Buddha top print”,Zen Zen is condensed into a three-handed Buddha fire,Direct to Sanfu head!
Seeing the other party’s active three people,Take the battle together,It is also aware of the feeling of being http://www.susongdanbao.cn smashed in the heart of the world.。
Three people are dedicated to the palm,At the same time, I also feel the effect.,This palm of Zen,as well as……The essential of Zen Wu。
Non-proficient Dharma、Ji Zen Zongwu,Impossible……
Even in it also contains the high-profile hand-printed effort!
At this time, Sandu has gotten up,And Chu Deirers are in three people,手 手“Wisdom”,Mouth calling“Audio”Two words,Suddenly surrounded by the Buddha,Surrounded by lotus bloom。
Although the Sanfu arrived,But still feel that the whole body is shock、Crisp,This is the old bones, but you can’t stand so.!