After all in the middle age, I still didn’t dare to persuade.,After standing, I quit the room.。

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http://www.zhaoshangzhitongche.cn ……Changan Li Jia。
Mr. Li looked opposite the warm water standing.,Ambient,“He has already went.?”
“Be,Now on the road,In the trip,Joho rushed to Qinglong County at 6 pm,I estimate that the young master should stay for one night.,Recharge,Go back tomorrow。”
Master nodded,“Notification,Waiting for a wait。”
Toned,Sighed,Looking at the warmth of warmth,“Old boy,I maybe even tired of you this time.。”
“What is the doctor?。”
Wen water laughs,“In fact, I am very envious of the mountains.,Total is better than a day old.。
I will definitely have some complaints。”
Father stands up,Take the shoulders of warm water,Turn around,Backhol。
……Central Plains,Lu County,Ear home。
Ear Jun Hao is on the opposite of Big Brother,Face with dissatisfaction,Anger,“How does this kid do not let people worry?,I really dare to go.,We are still hard to help him stabilize the situation.,This kid is self-found,Also, I am not in front of me.,Otherwise, I will shoot him.!”
Unfair with ear homes,I can’t see it on my face is anger.。
Just what he said,But let the ear jun have a stiffness。
“Less in front of me,Do you think I don’t want to help the kid??”
The face of the Ear Junhao is suddenly embarrassed.,Laugh,“Big brother,Then what do we want to do??
In fact, I am very optimistic about the kids in the summer.,It’s a bit reluctant to die.,Ugh,But help him deal with the guardian,I don’t agree with our ear family rules.。”
“Two nonsense。”
耳 sung sighed,“But we can’t sit down.,Inform,The people of our ear can also be entered.,Go to Qin Island and Zushan,Staring at those foreigners,Someone is messy,Scream!”
The ear of the ancestors,In addition to the business, necessary experience,Few Chinese。
Regardless of domestic disputes,Or personal http://www.natural-change.cn grievance,They will not be mixed。
If you encounter special circumstances,They will also serve as another role。
Guard is not only the hill of the ancient Wujie.,Also included 华夏 大山。
However, the charm of the charm of the mountain,All must be hacked by a knife。
NS2567chapter Summer coming to Bai Mountain
Some hotels in Qinglong County。
Good sound, no good, louder, Luomei, where to stop。
“Step aside,You can’t show up.,What to do with me?!”
Lommy is not angry,Face with a faint smile,“I promise you master,Don’t let you catch it,Don’t let you easily,I always have to say it.,Just stay here here.,Let’s see the fun。”
Good sound,Immediately scream。