But this is an answer。

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However, the color of the Ji Bao bottle is http://www.mideajfl.cn slightly changed.,“Since this,Master him……”“Do you think I don’t want to wine??”
Put in this way,Ancient sea is rare to clam your fist,“But he insisted on,what can I do,In fact, I have already secretly out of hands.,Hello him,But he……”Merely,She is turning around,“If I guess the good words,Eight years ago,You should also be present.,Although our teachers have not met at the same time,But we should all have seen the master in advance.。”
Ji Baobao bottle,“Be,His attitude is very firm,Me……”Not finished,The ancient sea interrupted her。
“tell me,The real reason you leave the long gongs,That night,What did you see?!”
I heard this sentence,Ji Bao bottle suddenly looked up。
NS2934chapter A person who is originally dead suddenly
NS2934chapter A person who has been dead,Suddenly live
Outside the eyes,Changshengmen mysterious and powerful。
http://www.simier-shop.cn It is isolated from the world,I know the world.。
It is also known as the last barrier in the Huaxia Ancient Woods.。
But for the Ji Bao bottle and the ancient sea,Another scene。
Don’t look at the Great Life Gate is just a small village.,But internal is more complicated than outside people’s imagination。
One of the most obvious features,It is the inheritance of the door owner。
Inheritance of the vast ancient people in the outside world,Most of the next generation originating from the martial art。
And this person,Not only need a powerful strength to shock,It also needs a high-looking pattern and a wide chest。
But the long life is different。
There is no mentor inheritance,Instead, the more elegant strong is the law.。
That is, the door of Changsheng Door,It is inevitable to be the strongest person。
http://www.jabakery.cn And every three years,Changshengmen have a challenge of challenge the door。
If you can fight,It will become a new door owner。
Why is the light intentionally want to enter a long gong?。
It is because he knows this rule.。
He even knows,The door of Changshengmen is falling over eight years ago.,The internal delay is not a new door owner.。
Original door owner’s ancient sea,I was injured by him.,Live in three years。
So he wants to become the door of Changyu。
These news he knows,Also just a scales and half claws,True and false……Instead, people deliberately revealed to him.。
He also knows,Just enter the Changsheng Gate,If there is no big event,Don’t take a step in a matter of life。
But how can this happen to live。