not only that。

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Although the Blood Sea re-filled the blank of the arrow,But in the traces of the arrow,There are a few drops of scarlet granules http://www.nwish.cn slowly floating.。
Jin Ding Dao’s voice came,“summer,That is the real Dualiolite,You charge it with your bracelet.。”
Summer,Not dare to neglect,Hurry up the left arm,Moisture,Activate the internal array of bracelets,Play a goddess。
With the blood sea, a few drops of pellets,Soamed by God,Benefits within the bracelet。
Bracelet,Speaking of his personal scale,The speed of the naked eye has risen to three thousand times.。
Important,This kind of particle,The pureness of the energy contained,It’s just that it’s not seen.。
It is his refining,It is also impossible to compare with these particles。
“this……This is the LCD?”
Jin Dingdao main road,“Your arrow brings the madness trauma,He needs to fill the energy of hundreds of millions of monzel chaotic demon http://www.jlgold9999.cn transported,This stress,It is possible to refine the LCD。”
“This is so……”
Summer relief,Have a good understanding,At the same time。
I thought it was after entering this place.,The competition of Da Liquid has nothing to do with him.,I didn’t expect it to lose horse。
Important,These three thousand scales of Daoli,It’s more than 30,000 mark energy.。
in this case,He still has great possibilities,The top three of the competition!
At this time,Luo Water Road,“summer,Fang That kind of powerful arrow,You can play a few times?”
Summer stunned,Hurry,“twice,Up to three times。”
NS4211chapter Appearance
Fang That kind of powerful arrow,Consumption is not only energy,More importantly, the source soul。
Summer strength,Up to two arrows,The soul of this source is exhausted.。
If you don’t care,Junney can also play three times。
Listening to him,The three http://www.fanhaodaquan.cn main people nodded.,Not saying。
But their eyes are deep,All comes out。
They did not grasp the madness of the madness.。
Luohai Lord sighs,Looks like a look。
“Endless years ago,Yanchuan Douss, one person, the madness,Re-seal it,What kind of power is that?。”
She looks to the master of Jinding Road and Huanglong Road,“And now we have together,I can’t see the hope of victory.,The year is the year,Now I know that my generation is still sitting on the sky.……”
Jin Ding Dao and Huanglong Road are silent,Hilarious。
Summer face is changed again,The heart is dramatic。
What is the meaning of Luo Wao Lord??
Three people can’t see the hope of the crazy?