Gao Bo Yi is for her,Just like being pressed in the water,It’s a long time to expose a breath.

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She is very clear about what I want.,I know what the man wants.。Even if you are not morality,Even if I am sorry for prostitutes。
She also recognized,Because there is no choice
“Zu Yu,I will protect you forever.,I will definitely protect you.”
When you are fascinating,Gao Bao said in the ear of Li Zun。
Then they stop thinking,I just want to keep the temperature at the moment to maintain the moment.,Like two people falling into the sand,Don’t want to struggle again。
Even afraid that tomorrow will be slaughtered,Gao Baoyi is also a pro-ferry today.,Take Li Zugu to Wushan。
A beautiful girlfriend,He can feel very clear,Compared to the last http://www.jabakery.cn slight resistance,This time Li Zuyu is completely“Ready”
She is willing
Omen,Li Zuyu is probably worried about the battle,Gao Bao is not going back。Maybe this time I want to understand something.,Also have a more profound understanding of your own situation。
Therefore, Li Zuyu did not like the high.,Want to refuse to meet still。
Temperaphic soft language is still in the ear,Li Zuyu is looking forward to the arrival of the moment,She does not regret,She is looking forward to,Everyone has to suffocate。
“Hose,The princess of the Bohai Great is coming.,Do you want to see it??”
One sentence of maid outside the door,Like three nine days, a pot of ice is on the head,Gao Baoyi woke up from the chaotic moment。And Li Zuyu is still in his arms,Watching yourself like a silk。
Still fate
No matter whether it is http://www.fumiaoplastics.cn Gao Boyi or Li Zuyu,The two people are very uncomfortable.,Endless loss,It is difficult to express it in words。
Maybe the maid is a sunny time,They have a husband and wife.
Just now,If it is high, it’s coming to Gao Boyi.,I am afraid that it is a big event. Li Zuyu feels,Her obstacles between her and Gao Bi are too much.。
Gorge,Li Shini,High-spirited and even their own big brothers and people。
Two people wear clothes,Li Zuyu went out of the Zen,Go to Tianping Temple in Buddha Hall and meet。
If you can’t see it,Instead, it will be suspected。
“Queen?How will you be here?”
I just cried, I looked at Li Zuyu.。
“I am praying for those who are killed by my husband.。”
Li Zuyu said that there is no expression,Directly died in the back of the high。
What can she say??Don’t you say that my brother is a beast?
“Sister, please,My sister is going to rest.。”
Li Zuyu floated,When you leave, you mean a deep eye.,Make people feel unpredictable。
As for Gao Boyi,God knows where to hide。
Buddhist Hall is a high,Her hands together,Whisper:“贱 妾,Not very sensible,I hurt a lot of people’s hearts,I think of some regrets now.,Ask the Buddha not to blame me。
Yuan Xiu is also good,Yuan Zhao is also,I do have some sorry.,Please also ask the Buddha forgive me.。”
Northern Dynasty Survival Record
NS346chapter Milous sadness
Tianping Temple of Buddhist Hall,Gao Yi is on the cushion,Hands together,It seems to pray to the Buddha。 :a
Or call repentance。
Today, she also wears a saponi.,And from the past, the wilderness is different。
“Buddha is on,My husband, Gao Bo, will go to tomorrow.,Please bless him to return safely。”
Look back around,Discover no other person,Buddhist Hall quietly quiet,Gao Wei is light and relieved。
“Buddha is on,Two marriages before the slave,It’s all kinds of confrontation,Be。Although I am also wrong,But it is also the situation,It’s already unbearable now.。
Just now this marriage,I am serious and cautious.。