“Humph!Do not take。”

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Gao Yi smashed Gao Baoyi,I am deeply sighful。
Yucheng is snowing,Changan is also snowing,And the snow is getting bigger,I have lasted for a few days.。
North Zhou Emperor Yuzhen station in the door of the Royal Book,Looking at the goose big snow,There is a hand of your own hand,Melted slowly,Slightly mood。
“Yang Jian,When I got http://www.baoshanxiuhuadian.cn my father.。You are also a father.?”
A few days ago, the sea, Li Yu, Li Yu, the next child,Yu Yu。But everyone is not optimistic about this son’s fate.。
Because the messenger of the Turk has been back。
Now Turkican rule of family A Shifa,Turkic wooden poles Khan A Shiyan,Decided to marry the long-lasting woman to ask the relatives!
And accompanying rich dowry,simply put,Tens of thousands of horses,Countless cattle sheep!
certainly,Do you can’t hire,Northweight is not lack of iron and salt,Yu Yu’s hiring is iron、Salt and the tea bricks。
Sterilization,Northern Zhou has at least one million million rich labor force!Notice,This is not only a population,But that kind of dried agriculture,It is also a strong sense of fighting.!
I have got horses now.、Cattle sheep and other farm animals,Let his waist rod hard a http://www.21drink.cn lot!
Dou Yi practitioners in Chang’an suburbs,In less than half a year,Just prepare 20,000 battle soldiers。This year, the New Year is temporarily endured,Wait until next year,It’s just when the sword is!
NS774chapter new Year“hapiness”(4)
Approval,If you don’t enter。If as a ruler,Don’t want to go to Raiders,So late, one day,The enemy will attack your country,Even the country。
This is an overwhelming truth,Not tolerant。
Whether it is the Spring and Autumn Warring States,Still the five Hu Baiki or the five generations,Not so。
But there is a biggest problem in front of the Yurong:Now the waist is hard.,Who is better??
“Yang Jian,You think the next step,Who is better to use??”
Looking at the big snow in the court campus,Yushen asked。
“Minister,If it is said to be,For Nanyang in soldiers is the best,but”
Yang Jian’s words have not finished,Yu Yu is in the hand:“朕 is not a narrow person,You have something to speak。”
“Ministers think,Solitary credit,Up to achieve results,But the whole consideration,This is more disadvantageous,Not as good as the health care at home。”
Yang Jian is calm and arched,After a gift, I took a step behind it.。
Why does Yu Hao like to use Yang Jian??Because Yang Jian does have a political perspective!I can think about what I can’t think of.。Now there is no one in Zhou Guozheng.,So Yu Hao can turn his idea into a policy。
Although the eight column is not,But now the government is more connected.!It is difficult to say that the administrative efficacy of Beizhou is an increase or decrease,After two years, I have to see it.。
Yang Jian took out a chart in the cuffs and paid to Yu Hao.:“Ministers think,Put the solitary message in Nanyang,Not。Because there is him,We don’t have to http://www.networkmarket.cn face the soldiers of Qi State,Exposes the south side of Shaoguan to each other。
If you attack Nanyang,It is inevitable,After finishing,It is also necessary to prevent Qi Guardian,It is very likely to spit out the Nanyang just swallowed.,Very unwise。”
Yang Jian looked at the expression of Yu Hao,Continue to say:“However, we don’t attack.。The soldiers have reforms in the big knife in recent years.,Also look at how。So you must choose a place for small trials.。”