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绫 清 竹 抿 抿 抿,Eardic in the eyes,Whisper,“In ancient times in the http://www.tianchifang.cn endless years,The old ancestors of our fire and several fire refiners masters,Completely refining this kind of hidden,God of the fire list,In the inside。”
Summer is not moving,Heartbeat accelerated a few times。
No wonder so Xuqi,It turned out to be the hand of the Lord, the main。
He itself passed on the Lord of Yanchuan Road,Clear than anyone,川 道 主,What is incredible。
“Shenfang Road is divided into seven layers,Every layer has been used to use the space law of the Sichuan Road.,Compressed in continental space。”
绫 清 清 神 语 语 向 向 向,“Every layer of space,There is a vast quarter of the mysterious,summer,This is not an ordinary polyline array,The content contained http://www.njlhj.cn in the god energy,Exceeding your imagination……”
Space folding multi-dimensional array!
This idea is coming in a moment in the middle of the summer.。
“Endless years,Our footsteps,Take a five-story,Collected this life flaws that do not count constructs,Bulk in the godfield,Under the action of the polyline array,Have a long time,Those of the inventory of the talent can rely on powerful energy illusion,Factivity is not the same as the fallen……”
Narrate,Summer is completely shocked by this big hand。
Compress seven spaces in a mountain peak。
Each space is arranged in space folding multi-dimensional array。
Stepping into the five borders,Collect the monarch of the monkey,Use the gods to support,Illusion!
What is this big?!
Interrogate,Dai Qingzhu said the last rule。
“The rules of this contest are simple.,That is the chasing blocking of the people of this life.,Impact toward higher levels。”
Toned,Also,“See the colorful color.,From the bottom to the highest layer,Red orange yellow green blue purple,The higher the hierarchy of the impact,The higher the represented ranking。”
Summer nice head,Ask,“Those energy life,Can you kill??”
绫 清 竹,“But you must don’t care.,Those illusion,Not a simple constant dead。”
Summer investment。
“Those 本 天 天,In fact, it still relies on the magical array of the inside of the propriator.,In fact,This arm has already given an organ,Every this life day wheel fiction,I have been infused a little spirituality,They are almost exactly the same as their birth.,Anger,Be excited,Be afraid,Turogu。”
Summer is deeply shocked,Have to admire,“It’s really incredible。”
绫 清 竹,“The power of the main,Not what we can imagine。”
Paused,Positive color,“You have to remember,Seven colors,Seven spaces,Inside each space,The strength of the illusion of the deductors is different。”
No waiting for summer,She continues,“In the first floor,Inside the illusion,All are all completely satisfactory,The second layer is the first step.,Push,Third layer,The http://www.qdwqy.cn fourth layer,That is, the heavens,Fifth floor Tianjun,Sixth floor,Chain 7,Then the first stage of Tongtian is a complete.,Reflect!”
Summer dark suction,“So if it is all in the same level space,Can’t impact higher levels。”
“That’s long term,do not forget,No layer is safe,Will be pursued by the monogramed。”
“I see。”
Summer nice head,Basically, the rules have been understood,He asked again,“Is there anything to pay attention to?。”
绫 清 清 沉 沉 吟,I thought about it.,Say,“The illusion of the monkey can also kill us,If you feel you can’t help it,Emergency shutdown, don’t love,Don’t be greedy,First time, kneading the token。”
She scaled with her hand.,“Is it the number plate I gave you before.,Just crushing,It will be sent instantly.。”