Twelve years ago,Qi Gaya http://www.theq-hotel.cn broke into the Heavenly headquarters to save Qi Yaa,But all reactive。

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the last time,Qi Guan was found to be found in the floating island,De Lisa helped him escape,I know that I am holding a little girl when I am away.。
But after three years,Qi Gay did not sound Qi Yana lost in Europe。
Subsequently, go to the reverse entropy base,When Ded Lisa is secretly protecting a look at Qiana,Tell Dreisham。
Qi Yana is very important to Otto’s meaning.,Because Qiaa’s birth is Outo one hand。
Secilia with Qifu,There are two people like each other.,There are also reasons why Otto is facing behind.。
Combination of two people,Is a marriage of an Otto。
With a good control of collapse, Sari,,And with Caslanna on the ultimate resistance to the collapse,Children born between the two,How powerful。
Second,It is also more important things.。
Qi Gifeng tells De Lisa,Qi Yaina is Qi Yana,Qi Ya Na is not Qiana。
This assessment is faulty in the instrument,Can be changed by no sound,Only Li Tower can do。
Santa Fer Ya does exist a lot of eyeline,There is a headquarters of the headquarters,Reverse entropy,There are even some large power eyelids。
This is the result of De Lisa,She knows their existence,And also monitoring。
If you strictly guard against all kinds of news,De Lisse may not be built in the East East Branch.,Not don’t say this in order to cultivate the gods of the gods.。
Ji is weak, on the couch,Cover your eyes with your hand:“OK,I see。”
This feeling is,do not know anything,What can’t do anything。
Ji was going to have experienced a female Wushen before the year.,When she has become a female god,Becoming a superaWhen the gods of the gods,Experience similar feeling again。
http://www.niqi3688.cn Female Wushen Level Examination,Everything is returned to the right track。
According to the message of Moonlight Throne,De Lisa began to arrange all departments,Start searching for the task of four gems。
When the intelligence system in San Feria is fully running,Han Jiang received a task from the Heavenly headquarters。
“Task,Arrival near the Arctic collapse,Three ice and snow emperors,askaLevel Warrior Hanjiang,Go to assistance。”
Ji on the podium knocked the blackboard with a babard,“Han Jiang,Be listening,Don’t go to God。”
Han Jiang immediately,Real report:“Report Ji,Han Jiang received from the Heavenly HeadquartersaLevel task,Need to support support。”
Kii looked at it,Then nodded,“Go back!”
Get the consent of Ji,Han Jiang looks to the buds and Baronia,Refer to the outside,Not sound,Say me three http://www.jlcmy.cn words。
Scholar smile,Go back to one“Be careful on the road。”Port type。
Bronni nodded,Nothing。
As for Qi Yana……I don’t know where to play.。
I have to lose a few years, Han Jiang is tempting.,Didn’t follow it together,Otherwise, how to say that I have to be learned by Ji Miss.。
After leaving the classroom,The armed helicopter responsible for sending Hanjiang to the North Pole support is ready。
Leave away is some column equipment such as armor.,I found that there is no abnormality,Han Jiang boarded the plane。
take off,Fly, about half an hour or so,Han Jiang bored when watching the internal construction of the plane,I found a white wool group in the rear seating.。
“Qi Yana!”The sound of the outer propeller is too large,Han Jiang can only shout loudly:“what are you doing?”