I didn’t expect this person to wear the cold acid or an official.。

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Reach out,Just take a few two broken silver。
Continue to touch again,A book,Be careful。
Slightly surprised after seeing things。
《Five ghost fishes》
A familiar mechanical audio。
【Wu Zeng】
(Yu name,36age,Seven Pinnapurede County,Dead in myocardial infarction。
Thirty-year cold window,Ten years,Twenty years,But because there is no door road, it is unable to be selected as the bureaucrats.。
Heavenly poor,Coalgish the teacher,No longer,I only wrote a wish of my wish。
The students who happen happened to be published by the teacher,Straightforward guys,Bened by Wu Zeng’s talent,Then, a thousand two silver dozen points are put into the purede county.。
Good news came out,Friends and friends who do not contact in the weekdays come to celebrate,Bring a good wine, big banquet,Just eat drink,Short three days,The thin bones of Wu Zeng’s body is fat.,Everything that experiences is like dreaming。
I thought it was hard-working.。One time,Packing up your luggage,Because I hastily,http://www.bigappleny.cnHalfway encounters heavy rain,Be cold,Feeling weak,Just stay in the temple for a few days,Can be biased due to his long-term malnutrition,Suddenly eat so much greasy,Threated myocardial infarction,It’s a life.。
The only wish before the death is to go to Yinde County to see an eye.,Death is also。)
【Due to difficulty】
【award《Five ghost fishes》】
Lin rang doesn’t know what to do.。
Sad and sigh。
Emotion,But don’t delay him《Five ghost fishes》。
This o’clock,Use a special method to raise five little ghosts,Specialist to handle others money。
Lin rang after half a time,《Five ghost fishes》I disappeared from him.。
This operation despite the evil door,As the saying goes, the money is difficult to fall in the hero,I occasionally happened.,I can use it.,Solve the urgent urgent。
Your own thing is finished,The iron disk is from the Zen,Give to the temple。
“Oy!Still an adult,I have to find a way to inform my family.,Bring the body back to the girder,Into the water。”
“This matter is handed over to me.,The body is sent in you first.,Can you?”
“I don’t have anything that I am willing to do my best.。”
After the appointment,Lin rang and the water lady were taken to the temple to sit in a zen room.。
Wu Zeng’s body is temporarily moving,First find the seedlings, replace him。
Day after darkness,They continue to hurry。
Next morning,Carriage:
“We went to Jiakangfu,Want to enter the city??”
Lin rang jumped from the carriage,On the stone。
象 直 直 建 建 府。
“Our destination is here,You return to Pingyang Government.!”
The carriage of Maji is catching up with the carriage back to Pingyang Government。
Lin Yong and the water enter Jiankangfu。When he came to this place, he counted his eyes.,It is much more prosperous than Pingyang Government.,People mean that the business of the body is definitely prosperous。
I want to touch the corpse of the dead soon being driven by my mind.。