Lu Hao became a non-polite counterattack:“Cleaning,You really look at yourself.,Just your horizontal attitude,Ou Jing, looks,Don’t mention you.。”

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Fang Qing Yun an angry:“This is your subtlety,You like Blue Xin http://www.cqidcsys.cn gentle body stickers,I have to have a few big men around you also like this type of girl.。”
Lying in Blue Xin:“……”She is depressed,Woman is properly gentle,It is also good.。
“Humph!It is a woman who likes my wife like my wife.。”Maintain your own wife,Lu Haocheng is the first to rush。
“Where is you?,Just like a sphin,No distinction,Which man looks at it?,Said to listen to a little,You dare to dare to hate,It is stupid that it is stupid.。”Lu Hao Cheng is not polite to make a few words。
Fang Qing Yunzhong:“Lu Hao Cheng,Your mouth ,Don’t you know how to converge in front of your wife??Direct poisonous tongue。”
“hehe……”Lu Haozheng:“It is infected with European,Don’t forget,European, if you are angry,The mouth is more poisonous。Besides,I am like my wife, I love me.。 ”
Finish,Lu Haozheng also looked at Blue Xin。
http://www.96cyw.cn Blue Xin:“……”What can she say??
Fang Qingyun looks at Blue Xin,“Humph!Blue Xin,Your slag husband,Nothing,I know him from a small,Women see him afraid,The man runs with him.,Only you have a liver baby.。”
Finish,Wait, Blue Xin,Great wind and fire leave the office。
Blue Xin:“……”She won’t be crazy.。
She saw the party for several times.,I feel that she is somewhat abnormal.。
To say Ning Feifei,Have been leaving for so long.,Really a little message,Hide。
Yunlong Villa Three District,It is the place where Lijia lives now.。
There is a large garden in front of the villa,Elegant,Gallery gate,living room,Bedroom Northeast Phase,Indoor and outdoor,Scenario blend。
European style,Only the appearance is brilliant。
Family live here。
Lithoying gets up early,Didn’t hear the negative news of Lejia,Many http://www.soubisai.cn mood have a lot。Two lady Joana took a piece of information to the Larners,Wear green cheongsam,Tall,Feng Yun stills,She cleared the information to the LN,“Unhappy,Take a look at this information,The sales of the Chad Group is global50Clothing brand list,With more than $ 100 billion, it is squeezed into the tenth。The Lu Group is much better than we imagined.,There have been more trends in Lega.。”
NS1554chapter:From his wife
Learby is very eye-catching,“Humph,Dragona Real Estate without that year,How can they be like this??Now that the whole street there is Lujia,And still famous office building,We are now just on the surface.,land
There are still many real estates at home.。”
“Unfortunately, Lu Wei is the bastard.,Behind the scenes early,Can’t be over the mall with him.。”
Litho has emerged in the brain of the year.,That weak figure is desperate,His favorite woman,Just like this, bloody died in front of him.。
deeply,do not worry,I will revenge you.,Will also get things that belong to us。
Lith is deeply sucking。
Pressure all the hearts of unwillingness and hatred,After years of time,I think of this thing,His heart is like this moment.。
Hate is like a tide,Quickly retreat,The bottom of the LN is returned to calm。
“Unhappy,What’s wrong with you,not comfortable?How to shake the body。”Two ladies worried about him。
Leng Yuan shook his head,“Nana,I am fine.,You don’t have to worry about this matter.,As long as you keep watching Xingyu and Tingting’s marriage,Last night I looked at them as unpleasant.。”
“Just married Zhujia,Our Leafa is a floor.,More levels of dealing with Lu Hao achievements。”
Two people nodded:“I see,I will go to Xing Yu asked for a while.。”
“Um!Go back。 ”
Two ladies got up。Litho called Afu。
Laron looked at Afu,底,Words sharp:“Afu,We lost a few billion last night.,Don’t give Lu Haocheng a little lesson,This kid does not know the height thick。”
“He has three children,You gave me a capture,I have to let him spit out these billions.。”
Afu nodded,“Chairman,I will take someone to check it.,Give you a message after an hour.。”
Afu is holding a life,Quick turn to leave。