The manager of William Hill Gaming Company,I heard what Sumu has just said.,Seeing that it is necessary to arouse disputes,The face runs seriously。

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Sumu said quickly:“Mr. Manager,Do you have William Hill?,Is this tolerance of racist??Is there a game of Olympics??”
What have you already understand what manager,Face with a hint,Didn’t consider,Decisive to the Italian:“Please go out,Our company does not entertain you like this,William Hill respects all ethnic equality……”
NS474chapter Chinatown breakfast
Unfortunately, Matia·Ipez is not,I don’t know where to go。
Although Chen Linzhi said a little regret,But also understand even,I am afraid it is difficult to find the original novelty feeling.,So, no more,After eating dinner, I went to the study.。
I spent some time to get what I should do.。
He found,In fact, help the opposite side and your own interests,In the generous direction, it is actually consistent.,Such as integrated circuit、chip、energy、Financial,This is the industry that is quite earning.,So I can’t talk about it.,Instead, you can get many,Nothing just spend more time, take a detachment,Not trouble。
Consider a circle,Chen Linzhi quietly concentrated on the upcoming Hong Kong City,Also there is Baodao,Some plans to quietly sound in his mind,Sprout。
Because I know that European and American countries’s usage tricks in developing countries,Some counterfeit methods are naturally clear。
For example, the transfer is harvested after a large investment in the early days.,There are also strong capital preemptive opportunities,Hold some core quality assets, etc.。
Such as the importance of pulling high Hong Kong City International Finance Center,It is more important,In the next decades, the technology industry broke out.,If Hong Kong City also has a low threshold exchange similar to Nasdaq,Easily let the startup of the company,Many high-quality assets do not have to put them in the US market.,It is also convenient for mainland investors to invest。
Don’t look only to an exchange,Behind the issue of assets involving tens of trillions of RMB,How much time and sweat is taken by workers in clothing factories,Can you earn so much money??
This gives Chen Linzhi produced the idea of increasing the investment financial industry to Hong Kong.,As for the current Semiconductor Plant,Human cost is more advantageous than in Hong Kong,When the time is right, it can also migrate the mainland when it is appropriate.,Core technology and factory can be placed in the suburbs of Hong Kong,A stone bird can also avoid potential risks。
In addition to buying technology、Investment enterprise,Also attaches importance to the R & D link。Oil can promote the development of electric vehicle industry as soon as possible,Reduce energy dependence on overseas,And iron ore,I have not been valued in this era.,Wait a few years later,Maybe you can buy a few mines。
Under the premise of funds enough,Chen Linzhi believes that he should be able to grab the opportunity,Key technologies holding some of the semiconductor fields,In this way, many card necks can greatly alleviate。
Wait until peace is three or fifty years,Diligent and http://www.cvtt123.cn bravery,If you don’t reason, you will still fall behind in Europe and America.。
Think about thinking about it,He suddenly was happy.,Don’t worry about whether you should support some agents,To reverse some important process nodes at critical moments,As soon as possible, it may be thoroughly changed in the future.。
And he Chen Linzhi,As long as everything goes well,Still or the enemy’s Chen Linzhi,This is rare to make him ambition to the future.,I feel far more than a few schools、Help some poor people make sense。
Don’t blame Chen Linzhi to start tossing,His card has been on the top of the demand level.,It is difficult to find a long-term goal that is willing to achieve a self-real value.,He will be weird。
Life,Goal must,The days also have to continue over。
Don’t do things at night,Call Newman know that http://www.finnspace.cn the guy butt all over the crew,Findo·Small silk is old。
So Chen Linzhi turned his head to Jennifer,This girl is slim, only more than 90 pounds left.,Return to the peak,Talking through the phone for a while,《Walking dead2》The crew has to kill it in about two months.,Because of Detroit。
In the early years,The famous auto industry City Detroit has happened,Result in many factories,Street is like a ghost town,Roadside construction is full of graffiti,It is really suitable for shooting the movie at the end of the subject,Ability to save money。
Chen Linzhi and Jennifen have been old,If you agree, you will go to the crew to find her.,I am hanging up the phone and I am lying.,Soon, I fell asleep again.。
Biological clock,Eight more time sleep,It is completely awake at 4 o’clock in the morning.。
Suddenly produced the idea of eating ravioli,After washing, go directly to Chinatown。
Breaking the rotten San Francisco Chinatown,It seems that this is old as a few decades.,In recent years, we have known combat strokes.,Let many people treat the United States as a heaven,Holding a scholarship out to study abroad,Do not want to go back,Even my aunties don’t want to say no.。
Therefore, occasionally encounter some apron in the morning.、Kneeling vegetables at the door,Black worker who is called by the local people of Chinatown,Listen to them talking about the familiar dialect,Chen Linzhi does not feel strange。
The road is the choice,He didn’t think there was anything.,It’s just a mentality holding a joke.,Once again, I thought that the Ai Liang family sold the four-year-old courtyard.,Hundreds of thousands of dollars to ran to San Francisco Chinatown to buy a small smashing neighbor,I don’t know how it is.,More interesting is that such people are still a lot。
Of course, someone can swear success,More people have worked hard for decades,It is possible to find that it is better to be lazy in the early days of his neighbors.,All worth buying a room。As the most prosperous Chinese in North America and the world,Of course, there is still not lack of self-intelligual、The compatriots who are ambitious are looking for him to go to the door.,But such people Chen Linzhi often dare not use,Different、Unqualified,It’s better than Gao Bo、Qian Wei is really。
A bowl of hot tempui ends,Sitting next to the table,Chat with college waiters who can’t take it in early years,By the way, there is a little black pepper in the bowl.,Green onion,That is not。
Listening to the other party, I said that my parents saved the iron to send him out.,I am embarrassed to go back without mixing.,Chen Linzhi sighed nodded。
Where is it so many sympathy?,I would rather brush the bowl, I don’t want to put my face.,Distinguished road, but I don’t want to go,This hand does not have to stretch。It is said that people go to the heights to go low.,The road is broken, but also continue to go.,It is also a reading and reading silly.。
Chen Linzhi has finished going out,I bought a big meat bag in the intersection.,I have tasted the bodyguards.。
Keep your stomach and come to half bowl of tofu brain,Unfortunately, the deli have not opened the door.,Otherwise, noon can also bring home by the dishes.。
Have a drink,Accident discovering a passerby,Going to join in the fun,I saw a slightly black big nose Southeast Asian,In the cage, a small panda cub is installed.,Total four。
Panda,Not a giant panda。