Chapter 694 Strive in this 地 狱 吧 吧 亚 娜

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“Um?”Xilin looked at the surrounding environment,Say:“I didn’t expect you to let me see here.。”
“Qi Guan is here to come, it is here.,I still remember that I am here again to kill all my teammates.,Qigger also lost a arm。”
“do you remember,The man has a chance to kill you.,But he http://www.ydxlxhg.cn regards you as a daughter,It’s really ridiculous。”
“These are all you harm,Don’t you feel ashamed for this?,Want ordinary,happiness?Love?Do you think about you??”
“Also think about,Too big.。”
“The world will only show you malicious,Because your existence is the threat of the world。”
Qi Yana looked at the empty law。
“right,Be right,Because my existence brought the pain that other people can’t bear。”
“But Dad still gave me a name.,Church I fight,Let me use my own strength to guard the favorite people。”
“Even leaving me,It is also because of the hunting of life.,You hate dad,That’s because Dad has a threat to you.,And it will also become a chance to wake up.,But he left。”
“It is because of Dad’s choice,Later I met the buds.,Enter Santa Feria,Everything now。”
“you said,The world is not beautiful,This http://www.isweethome.cn is a good and evil,But because it is not beautiful,I have to use my strength to turn this world into my ideal.。”
“I believe,Everyone has a chance to be your own,Can make this world more beautiful,People who are kind and good is this constant,Generation inheritance。”
“I don’t deny that because I have happened,But I have to struggle for the future。”
Qi Yan raised the arm,With a gun。
“You and I have no coexistence,Your heart is hateful。”
“Hanjiang wants to change your chance,But you don’t have。”
“Others don’t know your heart,But I understand,Now we only allow the existence of a person。”
“Here is your first time to use my body awakening,Put it here last time you leave.。”
“Then there is no need to continue talking.,you and me,Can only leave one,Exhaus your right,Let the final struggle。”
“now,I will trial you!”
No external power,The rhythm of the air and Qi Yana fight together。
Consciousness is a very magical thing,Obviously, but nothing can appear。
The two are the same body,Therefore, the power in this conscious is also the same.。
But the power of consciousness is limited,Two people compete for this power,Needless to balance。
A person strong,Another person is weak。
Qi Yana silently trained a lot of fighting skills,Even if the law of the empty, you can simulate the power of all kinds of laws.。
The strength of the spear and the space to Qi Yana compressed,When I have to attack Qi Yana,Her hands in her hands suddenly become big swords。
Female Wu Shen fighting skills are not only close to fight,Weapon species is not sorry,There is a three or five kinds of fundamentals。
Not to mention,Ji Zi http://www.changzhibao.cn teacher is teaching,Still with big swords。
“How can it be!?”Empty law。
Qi Yana opened a long spear,The big sword changed again.,Simulated the shape of the flaws。
“do not forget,Let us share our common consciousness,The power you have,I also have!”
The law of empty wants to take the power belonging to the law,But I found that I can’t do it.。
Because in a sense of consciousness,Roots do not collapse,There is no so-called power,The two people fighting, only the belief in the heart.。