This is said,It is simply insulting!I have never heard of the tags to catch the wrong person.!

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The three people have long prepared to die generously.。should say,Enter this line,No more you are desperate,They have a real impression。
frog,The mouse and the arrow three people look at each other again.,The arrow and a laughing sound asked:“How to review,What makes us confess??”
“what,Will not,You misunderstood。My name is solo life,Not the people of Dali Temple,I will go to the cross-handed thing.。
Say with you.,The emperor is unfavorable to Dali Temple.,Special emphasis should not casually arrest him。He learned that you will have a mistake.,very angry,So wait for the procedure of the program.,I don’t have to leave you.。”
Look at http://www.sjfan.cn the official service of this young man,Unlike a big official,Three people are slightly put down。
silence,frog,No one talks and arrows,Because I am worried that this is a trap。
Want to die,It’s too much to play from ancient times.。Even the soldiers have a three-odd one?。
But now,They don’t seem to choose。Others have given you good,Treat,Don’t face the face,Then there is no possibility of living out.。
Although they dare to face death,But if you can die,Still don’t die better,Is not it?
“Let me go first.。”The arrow said,Three people do things the most stable,Is it not this“Innocent disaster”,Northern’s wine bags grab this guy without a variety of possibilities。
Arrows follow this kind of young officials into the rushing room,Thick door。At the same time, the jailers of Dali Tema,Three steps,Five steps, a whistle,Will be a dozo to seal the lock。
Go in,That young man let him sit down,And you stand,The eyes look at the arrow with a play flavor。
“Do you feel very valuable??Does the tongue are still delicious??Do you think as long as you don’t say anything?,I have killed you.,There is no other way.?”
He smiles,The tone is chatting with friends.。
“You are not solitary life,That family is hit,How many people die in his hand will not know him?。You have to kill kill,No need to play,I am tired, I am tired.。”
Arrow said dull。
Always play“Psychological tactics”Gao Baoyi is shocked,He doesn’t want to expose the identity,I have reported last time.“Prisoner”name,I didn’t http://www.xinhaimc.cn expect the other party to know the solitary life.,The guy actually as an official in the North Qixian intelligence agency.!
This world is really dangerous!The prisoner who is sitting in a firm is an intelligent head.!
“Wei Xiaoyu,I have always admired his。”
Gao Bi stared at the eyes of each other.,as predicted,Muscle picked up on arrow face,Then you don’t dare to look at his eyes.。
Just as the arrow is going to think about it,Gao Bi suddenly said a sentence:“All right,you can go now。”
Eh?This is a good thing.?
Arrow seems to say something,I didn’t talk to him at all.,I have to go out.。
Take a while,Tianji was brought。He seems to see the arrow safe and nothing.,So the whole person relax。
“Say,What do you come to Yucheng??”
Gao Bao-cold ice ice,Don’t see the affinity。
Tian Chicken,It seems http://www.yiya123123.cn that some can’t prevent。
Just now you are still good.,Why don’t you face it now?!