Blue Xin is crying,“Lu Haokai why do he do this??I don’t remember when I am guilty.?”

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Lu Haochong smug,The noble gas is emitted,Fengshen handsome handsome。
“Lu Haokai always likes to play these little trucks in the dark.。
Today’s things are also what he did.,When he came over, he took care of Ai’an.,Just saw you and Le Zhenxi left,There are monitoring in front of the company building.,I know one check!
The reason is,Zhu Yong Group,Autumn new products have not come yet,We have already produced it.,So he is so urgent。
He wants to ruin you,I want to ruin the Lu Group。”
He is seeing that news,I called the phone.。
Blue Xinyi,I can’t believe it,The interests between this family,I really put her.。
She looked at Lu Haozheng,A look:“Lu Hao Cheng,You see me more wrony.?You said that your brothers compete for it.,Why do you want to pull it?!”
This is really tired of living!
Lu Haochi slightly lip,Ask:“Blue,Because you are now and I am a rope grasshopper。”
Blue Xin is cold and cold:“Who is a grasshopper on a rope!”
Don’t pay attention to her.,One day a scandal,Even she doesn’t care,One day, those people search,force,I will take her mad!
Lu Hao Cheng listened,Not talking,His look looks a bit tired。
He is lazy and scattered on the sofa,After a while:“Blue,Don’t forget to watch movies tomorrow and me.!”
Blue Xinyi,He does not mention,She really forgot this.。
Think of the phone received at noon,she says:“Tomorrow’s things will be said tomorrow,I went out.。”
NS418chapter:I want you to leave him.,can http://www.iotsecu.cn you do it

NS418chapter:I want you to leave him.,can you do it
Blue Xin said,Go away!
Fabric,Lu Hao Cheng has solved,She doesn’t worry.。
Lu Haocheng is surprising that her emotional changes,Slight eyebrow,what happened?
Blue has promised him,But,Listening to her tone, how is it so unwilling??
Lu Hao Cheng’s tired closed eyes closed。
He slowly closed his eyes,Paled face,Between the eyebrows,A sharp gas for a long time,Let him look at the cold and cold。
Less a Qin Ning,Lu Haokai is still uncomfortable。
Mom has already found it now.,He also doesn’t take care of it.。
Lu Yi Group,Previously,It is a mother and his father created one hand.。
finally,But make a wedding dress for others。
His mother has worked hard,But let Qin Ning’s woman sitting!
Everything in the past,In his heart, http://www.dlpaw.cn it is always a kind of suffocation.!
He even clearly remembers,Dad has played him several times in order to Qin Ning。
How much is he?,His unfair,Can Na Taimen’s pain in the bottom of the heart,Let him want to forget it is difficult!