NS80chapter Thank you‘Little petist’01

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“You say。”
“After all the tasks are completed,I need to‘Su Shixin’All information about this person,and,You have to guarantee that I can find it really right.。”
“OK。Then let’s start the next task.?”Zero is refreshing promise。
Yunqin means a deep-long point to zero zero,Ask:“Small molecule,How do you talk so much??It’s easy to agree.?Plot?”
“What am you??!I just want to continue to sleep soon.,So hurry to break the shell.!and,You have not seen our contract terms have a one,Party B can add up to two reward ways as appropriate??”Zero zero town。
Narrate,Yun Qin stared at the eggshell of zero and looked for a while.,And really call up the contract terms,After seeing really have that one,Talent:“alright,Believer believe you this reason。”
“OK,So,Little sister,We will open the next task.!”
Yun Qin nod,Familiar delivery channel open,Yunqin instantly is taken to the next world。
Icon,Zero zero seems to have a wind, sigh,Conceive:Contract Terms of Self-freedom,The signing cost can be very high。
Think,Zero zero,Have a sleep。
“Boss,Boss!Are you OK?You wake up!You don’t want to wake up,Then the dead cow nose is to hit our mountain.!”
“Tiger!You are calm!You call like this,You call like this,Boss is not awake!”
“What should I do??!Boss must be documented by the nose nose,Then the dead cow nose,Couldn’t play boss,Play a trick,Damn!”
“so,In addition to the boss,The highest,You first go to front to delay for a while,I must find a way to let the boss wake up as soon as possible.。”
“good,Mr. He,Boss, you will trouble you.。I must give the boss to hold Taolongzhai.!The cows nose thought it didn’t have a boss.,Our Taolong Village is bullied.?!dream!”
Yunqin’s consciousness,It was pulled back by such a conversation.,then,It’s a rush of a hurry.,Obvious,It was the man named tiger left.。
Quickly digest the http://www.generalsocial.cn memory in the brain,Yunqin quickly figured out the current situation。
She is now‘Xie Yunqin’,Escapement,Family is dead,Also and the only younger brother。
This will crash like this,‘Xie Yunqin’In a chance,The Lazhai Lord is ignored by the Taolongzhai of the Peach Wall.,Disciple,Ten years,After learning the old people,Success became the first person in Taoling Village。
After four years ago, the old village is dead.,Xie Yunqin named Xie Xiangshi is the new home of Taolongzhai,I spent four years of time,Let full conquer the top three hundred people in Taolongzhai。and,Make Taoling Village‘Transform’,Become a one is no longer just hobby,Robbery‘Bandit’,Instead, I opened the business road of Taolongzhai.。
Taolong Village is crossing the fire,This is not exempt from being red,This is not,Nearby hills‘Bandit’,I like it http://www.yoogong.cn when I like it, I will give Taolong.,Do dream of everything in Taolong Village,According to it。
this time,It is the nearest a niche‘Tu Zhari’,Dark buying‘Xie Yunqin’One is just entering the villagers,exist‘Xie Yunqin’Bath water under the water,let‘Xie Yunqin’Poisonous,This takes people to find it.。
in memory,This change,It is indeed a small loss to the Taolong Village.。
Tucao is a long time.,Taolong Village can’t prevent being sneak attack,Soon from casualties,It is also lost in property.,Yes‘Xie Yunqin’Finally, with powerful willpower,Wake up,Fight for it,Heavy hurts,Buzzer,Just successfully rushed the people of Tu Zhari again.。
now,That is the time that Tucao wants to swallow the peach rural。Just talk,Just left,Is the second master of Taolongzhai,Tiger;Be called‘Mr. He’of,It is the only department of Town, Taolongzhai.,Where。
The Yunqin brush on the bed opened his eyes.,Smile。
Since you wake up this time,She wants to let the people of the Tu Zhai have no return!
Back,Just continue to give Yunqin diagnosed,See Yunqin opened his eyes in a glance,Sudden surprise:“Yun Qin,you’re awake!How about it,Is there any feeling uncomfortable??”
Secretly, give yourself a pulse,Yunqin quickly analyzed,Tucao is a drug similar to sleeping pills.。
Contact to the skin,It is easy to absorb。Once this drug is absorbed,Can you sleep a whole day,And wake up,I will also be soft at least two hours.。
The brain is filtered down‘Xie Yunqin’in memory,Several herbal information,Soon analysis can be used‘Detoxification’Methods。
“He Uncle,I remember that there is a silver needle in your medicine box.,Take three inch long came。”Yunqin sat up,Feel the body situation。
Although she is awake,But the body is still empty,Take a detoxification as soon as possible。The front Tu Zhari should have started to take the head of the Peaches.。
“You are the treatment method.?I will give you this.。”What step is bright,Open your own medicine box,Take a silver needle。