I will go back to the bottom material.,Then use in some soup or cooking,It is also necessary to add a little seasoning.,how?”

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I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Su Chang and Jin Mingwu are both bright.。
They didn’t think that Li Hui fang was taken out.,After all, the prescription of Chinese herbal medicine is basically inherited.。
Even in the field of Chinese medicine,The prescription has always been secret。
After all, it is all studyed by several generations.,Under normal circumstances, it will not be rumored.。
“Li’s brother said so.,We naturally have no opinions,But it is best to prepare more,We can also play advertisements。”
Li Hui Feng also laughed and nodded:“no problem,I go back to organize ancient books.,It should be able to get a lot of medicinal meals。”
I heard the word ancient books.,Jin Mingwu immediately had some excited roads:“Can you make a drink??
After all, the theme restaurant, many young people like and drink,Winter drinking milk tea,And milk tea, I am not optimistic.,If you can make a traditional Chinese http://www.qudia.cn medicine health drink,Then I feel that we don’t say it.,It is the top five hundred musts, we must have our place in the world.。”
Chapter 590 is no longer kind
On the evening,Jin Mingwu and Su Liang have simply opened the door of a new world to Li.。
He never thought that everything that he owned was the presence of the sky.,It is a long thought that he has always thought it is usually,very common,It can even be said to be a mediocrity。
For important drinks,Li Hui has not promised,Nothing,Just trying。
But he knows Coca-Cola,Pepsi can be all because of a unique secret to go today.。
Let it also have very important marketing tools。
However, the means of the means also needs to be strong in competitiveness.。
Three people talk very late,Until late night,Jin Mingwu is exciting to leave。
Su Qing is also full http://www.szmrchcasyqffh.cn of confidence in this overcome Li Mei.。
Li Hui Feng returned to Xu Ruzhen,At the same time, it is also said that the three things will be told.,Then clearly indicate that the hotel’s shares will give each other。
This makes Xu Ruzhen don’t know what to say.。
However, she knows why Li Hui is doing this.。
The two have no excessive speech exchange can reach the point of mind.。
Wind and rain swaying,Floral waist,Moonlight,Pu,Sound,Summon。
Li Hui’s wind and rain swaying,And Li Mei is also the still day.。
Only Lu Changsheng is clearly not from the heart today.。
Because Li Hui’s combat power and 狠 超 超 预 他 他。
He did not think that the master of the child war will be defeated by Li.,I didn’t think that Li Hui has a person to make so much.。
I know that those people can be desperate for him.,Otherwise, it will not be able to settle。
Can be like this,Medicine fees are small to say millions of levels started。
Because this time he uses all the mixed mix,There are a few although giving others watching.,But it is very obvious that those who can be used to pay insurance is used to drink or eat and drink.。
Li Mei also felt that Lu Chang lived tonight.。
When you get up,But still weak。
“what happened?
Encounter trouble?”