His instructions just conveyed,A figure is turned out from the back of the iron frame.。

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His housekeeper,That is always wearing a young man in a housewise dress,At this moment, his expression with inexplicable sadness.。
“Zen?”Read this strange pronunciation,Coroned。
It is a god of gods with Night God,His housework,There is a might of the same intentions in a sense and zero maid.。
so it is,This ethnic group is wearing this type of housekeeping type,Suddenly, what do you understand?。
“I didn’t make a mistake.,Artificial intelligence,Isn’t it only a woman??”Zhimuang calmly ask questions。
“I have never said it.,I am not female。”ZenExposed a slightly evil mystery smile,Finger arrived at the lips,There is a secret meaning of secret。
Until this moment,The science of the subject found that the traces of women on the other party did aggravate,Sound becomes demon,Although the arc of the eye angle has not changed too much change,It is like changing a person.。
For a long time,She has emitted the effect of modifying others vision and hearing.,Get perfect make-up and interlocking effects,Misunderstanding this is just a good fortune。
Actually a pseudolang property。
“I want you to guess it.,ZenShe in order to save me,Blocking the knitting nuclear explosion,Her gods are also destroyed,Get a generous ordinary person,But she is accompanying me for many years.。”Night god countries looked at each other,The opposition between the two people。
Kohogang hidden feelings that will happen what happened。
“Please be sure that I will live with my one.,Watch the world you want to see,That’s more distant future。”ZenThe sound gradually weakened,The figure gradually became http://www.wupeng18.cn transparent。
Wonderful photonization phenomenon appears in her,Finally, it has become a stunning point of god.。
This is the Dide Hagne-specific fortune.。
A half-disabled ability is put on its body.。
Or this is a fusion!
“I don’t want to use this ability.,Even in two more zero to the cliff,I don’t want to use it.,Because the cost of paying is too big.。”Night god country,I call out a humble air,Dragon shadow under the feet expanded sharply。
Its shadow has sprouts the Tokyo Tower,Running all the way to the Quartet,Put the entire Tokyo under Longwei!
Corona is calmly feeling this Dragon Wan,The look is equally wave。
“Start guess!”Night god country。
Chess game!
Black chess pieces fall from the sky,Light out the true look of the whole world!
The neoche’s posture has broken the cloud,Come to http://www.skinami.cn the Yunhai,Roaring throughout the world,The sky seems to be in the fall。
However, this high is not enough.,Higher,Higher!
Nidhogl continues to fly,A layer of sound barrier and field of view!
finally,It came to the universe!
Ancient huge stars slowly rotated in the background,Meteor has a vast star sea,Everything here is beautiful to suffocate,Willing to float forever,Quietly think life and philosophy,Until life。
Nidhogge slowly decline,Falling over a thin star fog,The magnificent clouds rise in the fog,Everything is transpired in dreams。
The second piece of chess,In its vision,Science also appeared。
Star fog,The same height,Both parties are confronted on the horizontal line,The eyes of each other are full of calm,It is full of murder。
“game,This is right。”Kee looked at the same horizontal height http://www.espressomovie.cn of Nidhove。
Chapter 54 · Who do you think I am?
Extended electrical and drums fall from unknown orientation,Like the catalyst ignited the entire universe!