Yu Hao said one is not two,Yang Jian can only greece,Xie Dale。

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As for what I think in my heart,Yu Wei doesn’t know,I don’t want to know。
Back to the palace,Yang Jian and He Lanxiang left out,Yu Hao is in the study,Before sitting before the book,The strength of the paper,Writing a line on white paper。
“Monk,Temple is a field,Goodness!”
Ping Qin Wang Gao Gui Yan,Zerren,Bohai Yixian County Hebei Jing County。
He is the minister of the North Qi Zong,God Wu Emperor Gaohuan。
Or when the East Wei,I have already http://www.zgwhjl.cn worshiped the general、Kaifu Tongs、Xuzhou thorn history,Feng Anxi County。
After the establishment of North Qi,He gets a high ocean trust,General army,Fengping Qin Wang。
He will fight,It is a person who is still unable to lead the Northern Qi Zong.。
Gong Chang,Not fully proved
Intravania,The right arm of the high ocean is so almost like,This time, Guantai is ordered from Jinyang into Beijing.,I found that the high color of the ocean is much better than in the past.。
“Ren Ying, Guantang Table,This time,With a thousand people in the army,Go to North Yiyang County,Warm horse,Great Logging for you。
You listen to the Plain King Section ordered to do things,But unreasonable order,You can decide yourself。”
“unreasonable?”Gao Gui Yan,What is the meaning of high ocean?,Is it a guess??
“You are uncle,I am relieved http://www.chifeirou.cn to you.!Oh,Zhao Yin is going with you.,He also has a matter。
You are telling the king of the plain.,Be sure to let Tang return to Yucheng,Don’t let him go to Xiangyang to persuade。He went to have a sense of life.。”
NS496chapter Sneak in the night
Big winter,A middle-aged person who looks forty or five years old,Wear thick hem,Standing in front of his own door,Hand holding a broom,It seems to be just sweeping,Be in a daze。
The simple look is a bit like a field of old farmers.。
The winter of Yucheng is also cold enough,Obviously this family is a big house,He is sweeping as a master,People feel some unreasonable。
This person is called Zhao Yin,The Secretary Monety Center is responsible for managing the book file,Contains secret file boss,It is also a teacher of Prince Gao Yin。
Official is not the biggest,But this http://www.shikejin.cn person has a deep highway trust,Even on Gao Bao and Duanshao!
What is the extent of specific trust?,Live an example,Living in the palace,Record the daily booklet of the emperor,Every day is recorded,I have to send him here.“Review”,Which can be left,What can’t be left,All is all this person。
For example, the high school likes to open no obstruction in the palace.,This cannot be recorded!
Or to change the spring and autumn brush method,for example“Emperor and a few women playing outside the building,Very happy”some type of。
Another example,Higashi invites Gao Zhan and other guests members to open unobstructed,This must be recorded in detail。What can I write?,Zhao Yin is a gate。
And it is a gate of high ideas。
Yang Hao was overwhelming,Also be buried in the coffin,Only Zhao Yin has been respected by Gao Ying。
Think about this is a rare thing.。It is enough to see this person’s IQ, has reached a horrific point.。
“Zhao Gong,Your Majesty!”
Zhao Yin is still in the door,Liu Taozhi has quietly arrived。
“It turned out to be Liu Gong.,Row,Let’s go.?”
Continuous clothes?Just go directly?
Liu Taozhi is slightly somewhat,After all, I summoned Zhao Yin’s work.,Or he is the first time。