“After all, these animals did not affect the normal life of surrounding residents.,So I can’t agree with the construction zoo.!”

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can not?
Shen Xuan suddenly worried,I am busy:“Director Wu,Our construction zoo and city’s zoo are different,We want to build a paradise with the animal and the animals.,Do not limit the freedom of animals!”
People and animal peace?
I heard this,Director Wu disdain!
“Sink,Not me criticize you,This kind of braggy is not confused.!”
Director Wu’s http://www.qdzncn.cn serious road:“Tiger、Lion’s beast,How is humans with him peace??”
“That is the beast,What should I do if I eat people??”
“You said this,I can’t give you a license.!”
Shen Xuan suddenly discouraged!
The director of this Wu is in order, it is not to believe in them.!
“Director Wu,We actually……”
“All right,Don’t say,Unless you can get the opinion of the superior department,otherwise,I am can’t be seen here.!”
Director Wu blocked Shen Xuan and his words all the words,Directly was driven out。
Three people stand outside in the office,Face each other!
It’s hard to make such a give up?
NS82Zhang Tianfang Night Tan
“This dice is stupid,Such a good idea is not passed?”
“What do you know,The zoo is so easy to approval,Faster you want to give gifts!”
“this is the truth,Is it easy http://www.gaihb.cn to do so??”
Shen Xuan after opening the live broadcast,Just hit the slider above。
“friends,Just looking for the director,You also have seen it.,It is basically refused to apply for our application.!”
Shen Xuan has a little low,“Do you have any good way?,Give me some suggestions!”
“Xuan Ge,give up,Not washing,The problem involved in the rural open zoo is too big.,Zoo needs professional talents,Otherwise, it is harm to animals.,Now public opinion is too stressful,A problem,Disaster!”
One looks more professional Shuiyou huheders。
“Yes,The countryside is too remote.,The drainage audience is also a problem,Can’t do it,Just a fluff,Too big risk,The audit is not too normal.。”
Another woman is also very unfamiliar with the prospect of the zoo。
“All beginnings are hard,But there are so many animals http://www.dlmsmy.cn on the mountain,Always have a destination,Otherwise it is also a hidden danger,It is better to find the higher-level leadership reflection,Although solves the animal’s home,More safer!”
At this time,The barrage of a water friend has caused Shen Xuan’s attention.!
Now there are so many animals on the stone mountain.,Early morning meeting and the surrounding residents have conflict,After all, it is a wild animal.,But everyone is like Shen Xuan,Ability to communicate with animals,A little accidentally,May be eaten by animals,Or bitten。
If he can concentrate the animals,Surrounding residents,It is also a good thing for benefiting.!
“that’s right,Let’s go to the county head,Let’s talk about it.。”
Shen Xuan is busy with the old king to tell his proposal。