“Small hybrid!You really dare to come.!”

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Dali’s teeth bite,Like ghosts in chewing bones。
Now,He has a continuous printing,Play another mysterious method,Noddling。
Finally, it is struggling,Rapid convergence。
A beach blood on the ground is peeled off,Repeated condense,Finally become a grain size of blood。
then,He also implements the secret law,Collect the breath fluctuations in the summer residual。
“Small hybrid,This http://www.hunterconstrong.cn time I want you thousands of knives.!”
Clouds,Magnificent mountain river,Large land,I am happy。
Summer knew that you must be eyeped by Dato。
But he is not too much in mind.。
After all, the five ride mountains are too big.,Planet compared to it,It is just a dust。
In this place,Tongtian strong can not fly,Concept is even more than 100 meters。
The other party wants to find him,More than the big sea fishing needle。
But he did not know,As far as possible,Continuous change direction。
en route,He has also been derivated in your mind.,Into this mushroom refines the idea of breaking the interior of the empty bow。
By the time,The power to break the god bow will definitely multiplore。
He will play it again with the star river arrow.,Even,Also retreat to three houses。
He explored the inside of the http://www.cfjrzc.cn respect,Falling on a jade bottle,Feeling the deep and vast meaning of that all things released,Can’t help but look up。
He is different from others。
Others earn God’s coins,The accumulation of wealth、Various secret treasures, etc. have become a habit。
And in his opinion,Whether you are goddess or rare materials,It is used to enhance the strength of your own strength.。
He spurts, don’t know how long,At the same time, I will take a thousand miles.,More frequent observation。
Finally, I chose a hidden valley direction.,A bit below,Drain the clouds。
He is clear in the thousand miles,That piece of terrain is dangerous and faint,It is a good place to close the door.。
Be close to,Summer face gradually downs。
He missed the different breath hidden around。
Someone is here!
Summer is not darent,Quickly enter the hidden state,Be careful,Sneaky to travel。