The most important thing in life is to see the distant vague,And doing a clear thing for hand。

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妍,Only deep sighs。
Blue Xin took a blue and back to the apartment。
Of course, watching the small apartment of your mother.,The brightened eyes are http://www.guichunrizashop.cn blinking,Mother lives alone,Must be alone。
Blue Xin put your luggage,Open,Take out the pajamas,Looking at my son curious little face:“Ran Ran,Go to take a shower first.,Ok??”
“good!mother!”Six years old,Understanding,Also very distressed mother!
Blue Xin turned,Hand your pajamas to him,Gently knead his head,“Of course I really obey,go quickly!Come back one,Chatting with mom。”
However, it is holding pajamas.,Quickly go to the suitcase,Take out a card to your mother。
He worns the mother, like an old eyes like an obsidian,Long eyelashes like butterfly feathers flash,Pink lips are dyed on a happy smile,Donorandum:“mother,This is the money earned during this time.,瑾 妍 Mummy said,Pay enough to buy a house。”
Blue Xinyi,Some 怔怔 licking the son pink little hand gold card。
NS53chapter:Mother’s southern mother

NS53chapter:Mother’s southern mother
Blue Xin did http://www.ningbodianqi.cn not reach out,But smile and asking:“Ran Ran,You tell Mom,This is your performance fee,Still your money, Mummy’s money is also inside?”
Card,It is open with her household.,She did not open SMS service。
She is very busy,After told her later,She will help it.。
I didn’t expect, but I actually earned so much money.,More than her mom。
sometimes,妍 will also give her directly.,Many every time。
瑾 妍 also knows she wants to buy a house in Jiangyou。
With her current economic ability,Pay the down payment definitely no problem。
She just wants to support this home with her own hands.,Can’t help Haixi and Yu Hao。
She already owes their brothers and brothers too much too much.。
Of course, the pink lip,Look down,A silk,Extending a small hand gently placed on the mother’s face,Soft voice crafy:“mother,You think more.,妍 also knows mother’s character,Never put more money in this card,mother,You will be relieved,This is, it’s what you have made this year.。
Mom rest assured,Of course and my brother is a small man in the home.,Naturally, you must assume the responsibility of your home.。”
Blue sneak in the influence of Le Yu,I have already known that my mother is not easy.。
The play is also what he likes.,He will work hard in this industry。
Blue Xin listened to his son’s understanding,The heart is clearly warm,Three children,She never did it,The three sisters have always been her most baby in this http://www.woniuchao.cn world.。
She will be in his arms,Gently patted his back,“Ouch!Mother is also growing up.,Go and take a bath.,Take a day today,Wash your bath early rest.,Tomorrow mother takes you to play。”
“understood,mother,Ok, then go。”Of course, I have a bite on my face.,Give your mother to your mother,This is only a happy to take a bath.。
He and brother discuss it.,Let your mother have a stable home in the river.。
Mom has been talking to Grandma,As long as you have a house belonging to their house,They have a stable home.。
This,The two of their brothers have been remembering。
Tonight is also a surprise for mom。