Fortunately, there is still a good time at this.。

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While talking,He is secretly accelerated,When you look up from time to time,How far is it in the watch?。
Nan Ge is ignored that he is a small trick.,Be biased quickly,Bias slowly,Patience listening to his story,Do not remove。Sometimes I met the classmates who chased back from the back and greeted her.,She also laughed and responded.。
See her expression,Zhou Zone and loose tone。
Nan Ge is not a small person after all.。
while walking,Two people gradually deviate from the route。
Zhou Can’t help:“Isn’t it closer to 苑 食堂??http://www.cwj-dj.cn Why don’t you go to Yanyuan’s food hall??”
“you’re so dumb,Your cousin works in Nanyuan Facial Tang,Have you sneaked her in the first half of the festival??”Nan Ge took him,“Go to your cousin’s window to give you a full meat,Is it not fragrant??”
After the passage of the pass to the Garden Sea,People are less,Alternatively a close road,Nothing more。
this is normal,Originally。
Until Zhou, found someone pulled his neighborhood.,Immediately is the shout of Nano
“Hey,Hey,and many more”
A white-raised fist waved。
A tree next to it
A beautiful to extremely girl is holding a ice cream sitting on a branch,Sway,While licking the ice cream,Look at the turnaround below,Exquisite face reveals satisfactory look,I don’t know if the ice cream is delicious or what is going on?。
Sitting a couple not far away。
Boys looked up on the tree,Girlfriend:“Wei Wei,You look at the tree,Is it a snow cream??”
When the girl he said, he stretched his head.,Squint,Whole near。
“How can I float on the tree??You look wrong.?”
“real!Still green tongue!”
“Brain show”
And the trees on the tree are not afraid,Even if you don’t care that the monster cannot expose the agreement in front of ordinary people.,While singing songs,On the side of the brunette on the front of boys。Seeing the expression of a boys,She feels fun.。
Chapter 463 Half a civil servant
It is now a meal,The entrance of the door of the cafeteria。
Nan Ge grabs the left arm,Going to the canteen to education:“I am just a thing that you have http://www.arrow-oil.cndone in your dreams will be given to me.,do you know?Although you may not do it in your dreams, I am so excessive.”
Turn the head,Quietly aimed at Nang Ge,But just hit with the eyes of Nange。
“You fuck actually did it more!!?”