Nan Ge didn’t answer again,Will get out before going out,There is a toothpick,Putting two pieces in the mouth,Then http://www.diaojs.cn cover it well,Low seat back,Close your eyes:“I have to squint.,Sleep in the morning for two hours,Call me again at noon,I have finished my durian.,Give me a point。”

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Zhou Zhihe。
Small cousin and 序 sitting together,Start, such as coating the felt,Body stiff,look steadily forward,But she is as adaptable as Zhouzhi,Soon, it has accepted your own destiny.,Turn out from the bag, get sour snacks fruit,Start silently ate。
This will stop this.。
Nan Ge opened durian too good.。
For the long durian to her,It is only a luxury that can only be eaten at home.,I have to watch my mother to buy it.,She is never dare to buy durian.,Sometimes I will also ask my mother to buy。Yesterday, the durian opened in Nange, she was so happy to eat twice.,What’s more, she is now not hungry.,on the contrary,Still support。
Beef is also http://www.hxzdc.cn delicious,Mango is also eating……
Everything is delicious。
The more you eat,The more you eat。
Constantly pressing the stomach。
The scenery outside the window is backward,The city gradually away from,The scenery on both sides is replaced by the mountain。
The car is released by Nan Ge’s song list.,Although it is not very compliant with her aesthetics,But listening more in the bedroom,Also used to it,I feel very beautiful.。
Is this a normal life of the cousin and Nange??
Open the car to play,There is a snack fruit in the car.,There is time, there is a busy money。
The little cousin is secretly thoughtful,Envy。
Chapter 647 Old week and fish
The sun moved to the West,Sunshine became golden。
At this time, the driving has been changed from Zhou to Nan Ge.,The group of people moved to the legs,She is two behind the throne.,On the side of the door,Her height,It is only possible to explore the small head of the head.,Let your eyes higher than glass。
But she has kept this action for a long time.,Zhou Zhiyuan,If you wear shorts,The plum blossoms should be stepped on on the leg.。
The little girl sitting in the back seat is almost almost,Twisted the head and looked at the scenery of the window。
“How long is it??”She didn’t look back。
“Two hours。”Turn around。
“Do you hare??”
“No。”Small cousin,“This is the first time I walked so far.。”
“It’s almost the distance between Mei.。”
“Have almost,In Yizhou, Spring Ming, Yizhou people can understand,In Chunming will also understand the spring people,Diet is not big,Yizhou has a lot of delicious。”Zhou twisted by the body to tell the little cousin,He can’t confirm whether she is uneasy from her expression.,So no matter how much,Consolation first。
“I just feel very magical.。”The little cousin whispered,“Also in the morning,Walking so far in the afternoon。”
“I have often had this feeling.。”
“Go to my house tonight.,I have said to Jiang Yu.。”