Double punch,The surrounding nunchaku http://www.huajiaojidian.com.cn continues to wave Lu Haozheng。

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“Snapped”The sound of the flyfelt bloom is scratched over the night sky.。
Lu Hao Cheng’s back is gone。
“Ah Cheng。”
The phone in Blue Hind has been dial out.,Distressed。
The Journey quickly received the phone,Blue Xin explained,Announced on the phone。
Lift,The glare light is straight to her eyes,Let her open their eyes。
But she is very clear,A motorcycle not far is coming to her.。
“Blue”Lu Haocheng sounded in the eardrum。
Blue Xin only feels dramatic pain on the arm。
Blue Xin’s heart, the grievance,Don’t she eat the old blood http://www.haijs.cn pressure horse??
As for the delivery of your own life??
NS,The pain is not coming,The body is stronger and the body moves。
The people on the motorcycle are complacent because they are so happy.,But because the sudden appearance of Mo Q is http://www.szkssk.cn suddenly changed.,A panic,The car lost control,I can’t hit it on the road trees that are not far away.,The whole person has smashed a few meters away.。
Blue Xin:“”Breakfast,Luck。
This breath,Ink seven!Key moments can always save her life。
“Miss,How are you?”
Mo Q is nervous to look at Blue Xin。
Blue Xin slightly shakes his head,Koil the blue silk on your face。”
“Ink,I am fine.,You go to help it。”
Blue Xin turned to look at Lu Hao Cheng,There is a mess around there。
The few people on the motorcycle are obviously masters,A few times of Lu Hao Chengzheng。
Mo Qi rushed over,Fly,Soon playing a man on a motorcycle。
Lu Haocheng looked at the ink seven saved Lan Xin,I am relieved in an instant.。
As long as Blue Xin is fine,He is relieved.。
A siren is coming in the distance。
Several motorcycle men were shocked,One by one to turn the car and escape,Not in love。
Weijin emergency brake,After the car follows a pair of luxury cars。
Lu Haocheng’s bloodthirsty eyes look sharply:“All gave me back,Can’t let go。”