Yesterday, the wave of people was sent out.。

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Or,They are hired by some means,However until now,No news。
what does this mean,Baisha is very clear。
Or being killed,Either,It is those people fall in Victoria.。
Summer is not known for life and death。
This makes the two people are full of uneasiness.。
“Do not worry,Maybe not so bad。”
Goldao Rong is comforting,“Maybe someone,Not necessarily the summer here。”
“I hope so。”
Bai Shasha nodded,Etienm,“No matter the summer is being taken away,Still being protected,He must still be in Su Hang,Arrogant,Use all power,Be sure to find him!”
“good,I will arrange this.。http://www.jzjxbb.cn
……The whole Suhang City style。
Everyone is paying attention to the summer disappearance message。
more people,It is the use of resources and people,Crazy in secret。
station、Airport、port……Many traffic entrances,There are many strange faces。
Not a for a forces。
Dark dark,Have a dozen。
They are guarding each other,It is clear,Maintain a certain degree of tacit understanding。
However, the past three days,There is still no trace of summer。
This makes some people who have returned。
They are very clear,The longer the time to drag,The chance to kill the summer is more embarrassed。
Do not accept the news of Xia Jiu Wei hurt,They will immediately be a bird and beast。
some where。
The ear is a sentence,“Summer is really a big life.,I guess is the bureau of his own cloth.,Confused。”
http://www.weixin008.cn Ling Tianxia is working with low head research,After hearing,Head is not lifted,“He is now not important.,Be a wasteman,It’s dead or later.。”
Toned,Acknowledge,“These people don’t know whether it is true or fans,Change it to me,Never kill summer this time period,Anyway, he has been abolished.,Total opportunity。”
The ear is looking down at the world,Do not agree,“Maybe someone is not to kill summer,Instead, I want to do threats with him.,Used to target Xia Jiu,It is now the best opportunity。”
“Well……if it is like this,It is also true。”
Explore a finger in Lingtian,One line along the picture,Slowly advance,Casual road,“But in my opinion,They are still stupid,Because this is impossible,I and Wang Xiong tyrannical,Who can they live in my two apprentices?,Who can fight??”
The supu shook his head,“Don’t you worry about http://www.szjiwjyybwlxjo.cn it??”