He is still in a boy,It has been infiltrated the essence of painting。1t

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Even,Even in today’s era,People talk about painting,Non Wu Daozi。1t
Let me say,Maybe ordinary people don’t know him,But in the rankings of the top ten painters,His first,Wu Dazi second。1t
Herch’s famous national treasure《Luo http://www.wchats.cn Shen》,It is what Gu Yuzhi is。1t
Luo Tianfeng has been a bit difficult.,But keep calm。1t
After all, he seems to,The two paintings have been rarely passed to now.,Even,It is also invaluable treasure,The possibility of true facts is not large。1t
This【31 】Engrave,Mu Tian has already opened the box,It is an antique scroll。1t
His hand holds a head,Ready to expand the drawn on a coffee table。1t
Luo Tianfeng stopped him,Long call out one breath,Slowly,Sticked the nose over the reel,Deep smelling。1t
Front on your face,And then got up and looked at Mu Tian Xiaoxiao,“Although I don’t dare to affirm the authenticity of this painting,But determined,This should be an ancient painting。”1t
“Mr. Luo has such an ability,Sure enough is master。”1t
Mu Tian Xiaodiao took a shit,I can’t hide my http://www.jzsmg.cn face.,The back is disappeared in the summer,Be quite proud。1t
He certainly doesn’t understand painting and calligraphy。1t
I don’t even know which two onions are Gu Yuhe and Wu Daozi.。1t
What the words mentioned before,It’s all behind.。1t
Originally prepared to bring back to Hong Kong to please the father,But now there is no need.。1t
He has a better plan。1t
Revenge for your brother Mu Dong!1t
Rowant gold rushed from the summer hand,Just the first step。1t
If the revenge will be revenge,He returned to Hong Kong City,He as one of the heirs,Will have a great advantage。1t
Think here,Feel hot,Go on,“Luo Shu,Or you are going to open it.。”1t
He actually changed his name.。1t
Luo Tianfeng laughed,Not intended,Personally,Carefully unwind the painting。1t
This is naturally a pair of paintings.。1t
http://www.renchenghualang.cn Named——Guan Gong!1t
Screen,A man wearing a bloody armor,Riding a horse,One hand, a blue dragon,Right arm stretch,Cangfang,The pair of distant Danfeng eyes slightly squatted,Horing。1t
The man in the painting is Guan Gong,Extremely,Give people a good release,Merry sense of domineering。1t
The left side of the drawing is blurred in the left side of the abbot and blood flow.,On the right side,Just expose the corner of the city wall broken。1t
Overall look,Although it is just a horse,But there is a rich and fierce.。1t