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“The strange place you said is?”
“en……Is it a teacher or a monster??”序,“There are many names here.。”
“Is there any mission to make a monster??”
“Be unable to……Well?”
槐 本 本 本 同 同,But he looked at Zhou to think about it.,I look at my head and look at myself.,Transform:“Maybe!”
After that, he will not bend it.:“I am http://www.zzplot.cn mainly afraid that I will be related to Lin Zhong.……Or let us go out and meet them.。Since last time, I think they are afraid to be eyeing you.。”
“Stare at me?”
“What to do??”
“Hey-hey!”槐,“They are radical,I can’t fight with people,Your spirit is so powerful,Don’t make you don’t have to die, you will continue to grow as human leaders.?And now the red dye should be on the other side of the earth.?”
“This way.。”
Zhou suddenly remembered Yin Le。
槐 看 看 他 他 他 样 样 样 想 想 看 序,A smile:“You are the first generation of Tianshi,Allocate,If you grow up smoothly,It may be that Yin Le is the Lin Zhong in humanity.……There is Lin Zhong in the monster,Human beings always have a location corresponding to people.!”
There is no sound。
序 打 打 馕,He opened the door,Then eat while eating and discussing。
http://www.qinghaijiaoyu.cn 序 序 怪 类似 类似 类似 类似 类似 把 类似 把 把,Use one‘Chaotic’Set up a trap to Tianshi。He thinks even if this is nothing to do with Lin Zhong.,The possibility of attacked the attack is also there.。Fortunately, he has not shot last time.,So the other party may have an error on their combatization assessment.。
“Let it go,See your energy,We can’t never stay in the spring.?”槐 序 吃,“But for the sake of insurance,Let’s change one。”
“How to change?”
“I keep your look,You become someone else。”
“You will also change others.?”
“I will not,But I know who will……You are waiting here,I will go back.!”
It’s disappearing in the stalk.。
After two minutes, he came back.,Then I waited for a few minutes.,I saw a black wind blowing in the window.,Turn into a short monster。
Little demon pair:“Ginger,meet again。”
“Hello。”Zhouzhi wide eyes。
“Don’t be a little bit of him.。”槐 序 周 周,“His monster,Go to the wind,It is not easy to hurt,It’s not easy to be killed by hurt.,Also good at changes。When you put in front of people and demon,He is a great scout,More suitable than the old gray as you can’t live in your house.,It can be said that several monsters that are most hated by humans.。That name is Yin Le, there is a few points.,Otherwise, I can’t help him.。”
“This way.,Then please。”
“Adults are polite。”
I saw the mobile phone that took the vault.,Fingerprint unlock,Turn out a photo of a blessing:“Take this change!”
The little demon looks like a photo:“I can only change a seven body image.。”
“enough,No vulnerability。”