A glimpse of the corner of the North,“otherwise?”

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“I know that Master is best for me.!”
Yun Qin smiled and got it on the north of the face,Send a scholar。Find the body of the side shake,Falling a piece of chicken skin!
Forget it!Never thought,A powerful calm master will still have such a greasy!It is she does not stand in this room.!She still go.!
The Ming of reporting the situation also feels a little bit of his eyes.,Obeven,It was pulled away by the very eye-catching Fenyi.。
“master,North Shijun,them?!Is it too intimate??!”
Go out of the room,Some uncertain http://www.youzhihuagui.cn questions。
Although,The interaction between the two he just saw,It is really intimate,but,Maybe it is just the master’s unique etiquette.?!
Fenyi is also white,I have a slight emotional expression.。
“Ha ha!”
This obvious situation can’t see,It’s hard to be a single or single.!never mind,I will be a good man in the future.,Help him pay attention to it.!
Although this world is very small,and,Thousands of years may also be one,But Viring Yunqin is a faith of Fenyi feeling,What secluded morality?!
As long as the home is like,That must be no problem.!
“”I heard the gimmick of Fenyi and I feel like I am despised.?!
Scratch your head,I don’t understand where I let Zipyi, this little girl feels uncomfortable.,I don’t want to。
Pull out a gray black handkerchief from arms,Some people are in front of Fenyi,road:“http://www.kskcsc.cn I remember that your hometown is away from the river.,This task is just right away from the river.,I heard that this kind of nuclear sugar is the special product,I took a point back.。”
Fenyi,Staring in front,Good nuclear sugar with handkerchiefs for a long time。
See Ring Yi for a long time without a long time,Some disappointed laughs,“Do you not like it?”
“If you don’t like it, even if you don’t like it.。”Say,Just recover the nuclear sugar。
Ever,Fenyi immediately took a sugar in the hand,road:“Who said I don’t like it??!I like!”
Say,Fenyi opens handkerchief,And two-layer sugar paper wrapped in it,Reach out,Pinching a piece of sugar throwing into your mouth。
Familiar sweet silk,And the taste of walnut fragrance,Spread in your mouth,Fenyi is enjoying the eyes。
Ming also this person,Looking at some dead board,I can’t think of it, I still have such a heart.,Intimate side!
“thanks,I like this sugar very much.!”Fenyi smiled seriously。
“You also eat!”A piece of one,Fenyi is directly in the mouth.。
Suddenly stuffed into something,张 意 张 张,Ren from nuclear sugar into the mouth,Sweet taste is in the mouth,Looking at the little girl smiling and happy,Ming also laughs。
I don’t know because I laugh in front of the flower.,Still sweet and not greasy!
in the room,For the behavior of the exit room of Fenyi,I am very satisfied with the North Shipping。
From his apprentice,Of course, I don’t want someone to watch.!
At this time, the North Sea did not find it.,After kissing Yunqin,He doesn’t have any resistance,It seems that there is a behavior that has been raided from time to time from time to time.。
Even because of such a soft kiss on the cheek,Cheeks slightly,In the heart, it seems to be caught,I always feel that not enough!
The nose is the fragrance of the girl,Breathing room,It seems to have a burning。The North Chao rolled the throat,I only feel that some is hot。
Is it sick??!After five years old,In addition to human factors,I have never been sick, I have frowning.,Secretary thinking!
http://www.xingdajiaju.cn Yunqin,I feel that the North Piece is close to himself.,In the heart。
Never make persistent,Breakthrough with the North Chair,Outside the door,Knock on the door。
“Miss,Sheng Jia Sheng Fulin came to find。”Is Fenyi’s voice。