“so……Means of,If there is no grandson’s identity,In this talent, the Refine Association in Jiji,You don’t count anything,Is this meaning??”

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Summer is aligned with night small fairy,“Means of,If he is not a grandson,You will not take a gift at all.,Because in this refiner,More people are more than his excellent people.,You value him,Yes, his grandfather,Click one’s tongue……Oops,Why do I get not pure?。”
This is too embarrassed.。
Word heart。
Directly unveiled the shame of Zhang Wenli。
Let night small fairy eyes、Resentment,I can’t hate thousands of knives in the summer.。
She screamed,“You http://www.shenggoulipin.cn said,You are less……”
Summer 掏,“No, right is not.,What are you eager??Click one’s tongue,I only know,in this world,Self-strength is everything,Posts behind people,It is indeed possible to have better resources.,But ultimately, it’s much more。”
His eyes swept than two people,“I just do not understand,Even if you have a mountain behind you,Also just in the refiner industry,you……Where is the superiority??Um?”
“We naturally have no superior sense。”
Night Xiaoxian angered summer,“At least we are all three high-level refining practitioners,It is also a warp in the same age.,What do you count??”
Summer laughs,Little is not angry,“We are indeed different,Because I never won’t be a dog。”
Toned,Also,“Moreover,I have no bad chapters.?I am not a refinerie.?Not let me live?Do you turn it again into the Lord of Tiancheng http://www.cdczjx.cn City??”
Night small fairy can’t say,Some old blood spray。
Zhang Wenli drunk low,immediately,Will Liu Ribu,“Smoke,Your friend is very good,It seems that it should be a refiner master.。”
Night small fairy is also here,“Willow,Your clown friend will only be in the power of the tongue.,Not as good as we gamble,I am gamble with you!,Do you dare to pick up。”
100 million yuan!
The people around them are in a hurry.。
Liu Ru smoke naturally does not return,Chin,“Gamble,I am afraid of you.。”
Summer looks with words。
I am so easy to move back to the situation.,How do you have a hot one?。
It’s not so stupid when you look at it.。
So ask for a gambling?。
Night Xiaoxian is afraid of Liu Ru smoke to regret,“We gamble this assessment,I’d like to see,If the http://www.kskcsc.cn sister has been growing in ten years。”
The face of Liu Ru smoke changed。
And Zhang Wenli took advantage of,“Since this,It’s better to add me one.,And I recognize
Ten thousand million,How to gamble。”
Since around,A turmoil。
Everyone’s face is shocked.,Then, the color of the excitement。